Work culture

DNA's award-winning work culture is built on trust. In 2019, DNA was selected as the best workplace in Finland and one of the best workplaces in Europe in the GPTW survey. The Family Federation of Finland has granted us recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace.

10 reasons to work at DNA

In the 2019 Great Place to Work survey, DNA was ranked as Finland’s best workplace in the large company category. In June 2019, DNA was also chosen as one of Europe's best workplaces. DNA’s straightforward team spirit, flat hierarchy and culture of trust are some of the main reasons why people love working here. The following videos (in Finnish) present ten reasons that make DNA an excellent place to work.

1. A culture of trust

Mutual trust is vital when building a good workplace community. At DNA, you can see this trust in, for example, the freedom that employees have to choose their working hours and location. The idea behind DNA’s ‘flexible working’ concept is that employees can always work remotely without making any special agreements with their supervisor. 

2. A family-friendly workplace

At DNA, we know that work is only one part of life. To keep up your energy, it's important to maintain a good balance between work and leisure time. One example of DNA’s forward-thinking family-friendly policies is our week-long period of grandparental leave – and we were the first company in the world to offer this. We are also the first publicly listed company to be recognised as a Family-friendly Workplace by the Family Federation of Finland.

3. Meaningful work with cutting edge technology

Research has shown that DNA has the most data-hungry customers in Europe. Every day, we work to ensure that we can continue to offer them high-quality services. Fast connections, functional devices and digital skills are required for smooth daily life. At DNA, your work will help to ensure that Finland remains at the top of digital development.

4. DNA Mentors – goodwill ambassadors

We are continually considering how to bring just the right amount of fun into daily life. DNA mentors are a group of volunteers who brighten up their colleagues’ working day, to promote well-being and raise issues that are important for job satisfaction.

5. An excellent framework for development

People-centric management is one of the most important cornerstones in DNA’s corporate culture. For example, coaching leadership supports employee development and encourages interaction and collaboration. Working life is changing, so it's important that people evolve in step with it.

6. A strong sense of responsibility

Responsibility can be seen in everything we do at DNA. In the 2019 Sustainable Brand Index survey, DNA was chosen as the most responsible brand in its industry. DNA’s responsibility strategy has four key areas: digital inclusion, being a great place to work, climate-friendly operations and good governance.

7. Modern and inspiring workspaces

DNA has locations all around Finland, and we want to make them even more inspiring and practical for our employees. We engage in development work with knowledgeable partners and listen to our personnel's wishes. DNA does not have fixed workstations – not even for the CEO. Everyone gets to choose where they want to work from a variety of different mood zones.

8. Advanced data utilisation

DNA uses data in a versatile manner, so that customers can be provided with the best and most personalised services possible. At DNA, you will be able to create the kind of solutions that are not used anywhere else in the world. DNA has also done well in terms of digital maturity, as shown by Bearing Point’s surveys on Digital Leaders in 2018 and 2019.

9. Freedom and responsibility

In our management, we emphasise an approach that involves trusting our employees: instead of watching the clock, we evaluate the results of their work. Work is guided by clear targets and our motivated professionals know the best way to reach their goals. 

10. Workmates and team spirit

DNA’s relaxed, straightforward culture and team spirit is naturally created by our employees themselves. Our values – being straightforward, brave and fast – can be seen in our everyday work. We believe in openness. Unit borders and strict hierarchies are things of the past – agility is the watchword of today.