Business operations

Our operations are genuine, quick and reliable

DNA combines the latest know-how with decades of experience. Customer satisfaction is the level of our success.

DNA serves both consumer and corporate customers. In 2015, 72 per cent of DNA’s net sales was generated by consumer business and 28 per cent by corporate business. We provide connections, services and devices to consumers and companies in a clear, easy and cost-efficient manner.

DNA provides its consumer customers with diverse services for communication and entertainment: smart phones, tablets and accessories; voice services in mobile and fixed networks; broadband services in mobile and fixed networks; and diverse entertainment services in cable, terrestrial and broadband networks. The increase in the number of connected devices, the explosive growth in the volume of mobile data usage, and the increasing popularity of modern entertainment services offer excellent growth opportunities for our consumer business.

For corporate customers, DNA provides easily deployable and secure high-quality communications and customer network services with the aim of helping its customers succeed in their operations with productivity-boosing ICT services. DNA’s offering for corporate customers consists of mobile voice and data services, fixed-network voice services, mobile broadband services, and corporate network services based on fixed-network data.  DNA also provides fast, reliable and comprehensive connections from the mobile device to the backbone network and further to the customer’s IoT service. For DNA, the key area for growth in corporate business is the new way of working, independent of time and place, facilitated by smart terminal devices, diverse communication services and rapid connections. Industrial Internet is part of the new digital shift in the business world, at the core of which are increasingly smart and connected products and services that provide real-time information about their status and properties.

DNA’s strengths

  • The Finnish telecommunications market is stable and attractive with three strong operators.
  • DNA’s mobile and fixed-network infrastructure is of top quality.
  • DNA has an extremely competitive offering, the largest operator distribution network and satisfied customers.
  • DNA has a strong market position, which has improved during the recent years particularly in the growing markets of mobile services and cable television.
  • DNA’s net sales – particularly the net sales from services – are growing. DNA’s profitability has also shown positive development.
  • Strong and highly experienced management team with impressive track record of transforming DNA.