Corporate business

The starting point for our service development and the core of our operations comprise Finnish companies and their needs. Customer satisfaction is the level of our success.

DNA offers enterprises communications services and customer network services that are safe, functional and easy to introduce. Improved usability, a cohesive user experience, excellent customer service and savings in telecommunications are achieved through comprehensive management.

A new way of working

Smartphones and tablets are used increasingly in business application use, and contain business-critical data. There is no room for compromises when it comes to the data security of company terminals, networks and services. DNA's management service accurately secures all business data processed by smartphone business applications.

Modern ICT and server solutions

The versatility of company networks emphasises the importance of a reliable and robustly managed ICT network solution. Corporate networks comprise smart added value services that complement their communication and network solutions. Proactive management of the network environment and real-time reporting bring cost savings and improve the usability of the network and services.

The strengths of our corporate business include competitive nationwide services, a superb operating model and customer-oriented product development. DNA has over 100 professional corporate sales agents, 13 corporate sales offices and 73 stores.

More than 50,000 satisfied corporate customers

New forms of communication:

  • Consumerisation
  • Increasing complexity of communication
  • Explosive increase in the amount of information
  • Emphasis on the significance of corporate responsibility
  • Technology becomes more commonplace