DNA's growth

DNA's growth into a major telecommunications company

  1. DNA launches its mobile phone operator business
  2. Crisis in the Finnish mobile communication markets and hyper competition
  3. Reorganisation and streamlining of business
  4. DNA Group is established, offering comprehensive telecommunication services
  5. Separate business segments are developed
  6. One DNA
  7. Welho becomes part of DNA
  8. National terrestrial network broadcasting and the building of 4G network
  9. Acquisition of Forte Netservice Ltd
  10. Business restructuring
  11. Strengthening the customer service
  12. Acquisition of Digi-TV Plus Ltd

DNA was established just before the turn of the millennium. Three mobile communication co-operative companies were formed in 1999: their task was to support and expand the business operations of the Finnet Group's telephone companies. These companies gradually transformed into the Group's mobile communication operations company, DNA Finland Ltd.

In 2000, the way was prepared for the launch of a new, national mobile phone service. By early February 2001, a network had been opened, extensive marketing launched and DNA subscriptions were on sale.  In 2003, DNA acquired the Telia Mobile business in Finland.

The current DNA Group began operating on 1 July 2007, when DNA Plc's business operations merged with those of six telephone companies. Until then, the parent company was Finnet Ltd. DNA changed from a mobile communication operator into a major telecommunications company. Alongside its mobile communication business, the company obtained a strong fixed-network business, including voice, data, cable TV and security services for both households and companies.

In May 2008, DNA announced that corporate sales units would be established in eight new economic regions.

In 2009, DNA centralised its operations in a single  organisation, while shifting from a technology-based operating model to a customer-focused division: consumer business and corporate business. 

In May 2010, DNA reached an agreement with Sanoma over the purchase of Welho's business operations. This business transaction combined the resources of two powerful players: Welho had a strong position in the fixed-network business in the Helsinki area, while DNA was a major nationwide telecommunications service provider and also the leading fixed-network service provider in the Oulu, Lahti, Turku, Pori, and Kuopio regions. 

On 12 July 2011, DNA strengthened its corporate business by acquiring Forte Netservices Ltd, a company that offers data communications and data security services. Forte Netservices boasts excellent service productisation in 60 countries and high customer satisfaction. This acquisition allowed DNA to offer an extended service portfolio to both SMEs and large enterprises in the corporate managed service provider market.

In April 2013, DNA signed an agreement with Teracom Group on the acquisition of Digi TV Plus Ltd, i.e. PlusTV. DNA's strategic goal is to become Finland's number one operator in TV and entertainment business. PlusTV was transferred to DNA's ownership in September 2013.

In April 2014, DNA signed an agreement with Danish TDC A/S on the acquisition of TDC Ltd Finland and TDC Hosting Ltd. At the same time, DNA and TDC A/S agreed on strategic cooperation in the Nordic region. Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority approved DNA's acquisition of TDC's Finnish operations on 26 May 2014. They became DNA's subsidiaries in June 2014. The acquisition supports the implementation of DNA's growth strategy, significantly strengthens DNA's position in the corporate market and provides and expanded service offering to TDC's and DNA's corporate clients.