Operating enviroment

Changing Business Environment

DNA's business environment is undergoing large-scale changes. New growth on the telecommunication market is driven by increasing traffic volumes and new device applications, while competition is placing high demands on the quality and availability of operators' systems and network infrastructure as well as their cost competitiveness. 

The increase in traffic volumes and device applications is putting pressure on technology investment, and the higher cost of operations and increasingly strict regulation are changing the business environment. 

Consumers are using their new, efficient smartphones and tablets to access high-speed mobile communication networks with fixed-price mobile broadband. These new devices are used for viewing content such as HD-grade videos. Not only are services moving to the web, they are also becoming interlinked as voice, data, TV and other communication and entertainment services converge. Tablets in particular are gaining ground. Pay-TV services will become more popular at a steady pace, and competition in the provision of TV and movie content will intensify now that global players have set up operations in the Finnish market. HD viewing is rapidly increasing with the growth in the sales of HDTVs.

The corporate market is characterised by consumerisation and exponential growth of data volumes as new technologies become more commonly adopted. Mobile and versatile ways of working are reflected in corporate network solutions and communication services. Reliable and efficiently managed ICT infrastructure service packages will become increasingly critical for companies' business.