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Flexible working

Flexible working - a new approach to work

DNA’s Flexible Work Model is based on trust and flexibility and has proved very successful. Employees with mobile workstations decide independently where they work without a separate agreement with their supervisor. The aim is to offer employees an opportunity to work in a flexible manner regardless of place, so that people can arrange their working day to suit themselves, while observing the terms of flexible working. Flexible work changes not only the working environment but also the entire working culture, and DNA’s employees have welcomed this change enthusiastically.

DNA’s head office, DNA House, is an impressive part of the ongoing office renewal. DNA House provides an energy-efficient and flexible working environment. The modern nature of the premises is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that more than two thirds of the workstations are mobile and less than one third of the workstations are fixed and assigned to named persons. We are continually renewing our premises, taking into account flexible working. Most recently the Flexible Working Model was adopted by our offices in Turku and Tampere. The aim is to create inspiring and flexible premises for the entire personnel in order to encourage versatile ways of working.

We are constantly testing the possibility of remote working in new duties. DNA's personnel are involved in the pilot projects and can thus contribute to the development of remote working to suit, for example, customer service and Service Desk. In Corporate Customer Service, remote working is already an established practice.

In addition to the positive effects that Flexible Work has proved to have on well-being at work and job satisfaction, it must also be considered an environmental action. According to our calculations, emissions from work-related travel can be cut by about 40 per cent annually when employees work from home, for example.

Employees are satisfied with flexible working

We have conducted extensive surveys on the effects of flexible working on DNA personnel’s job satisfaction. The results show that changing over to flexible working has improved the productivity of our employees’ work and also their coping at work and motivation. Only 4% of the respondents would switch back to a fixed workstation. The results also show that the office premises and IT tools provided by DNA support flexible working.

Achievements of flexible work:

  • Flexible, comfortable and cost-effective premises
  • New approach to working: Focus on the results of the work rather than on the hours spent at the office
  • Improved customer understanding - the cobbler's children now have shoes
  • The employees’ job satisfaction has clearly improved (employer image, cooperation, supervisors’ work, motivation, coping and well-being at work)
  • Fixed costs and rented square metres have decreased
  • The Finnish Facility Management Association FIFMA selected the implementation of DNA House as the Facility Action (“Toimitilateko”) of 2013
  • DNA House generates interest: more than 200 companies have visited it

Employees’ experiences

  • Has increased the flexibility of work
  • Has made the personnel more committed
  • Has improved motivation
  • Has improved the external and internal image of work
  • Has reduced work-related travel and improved the sufficiency of parking spaces
  • Supports a new kind of change in the working environment
  • By far the most applauded single thing in the Great Place to Work survey of 2015-2016 (in open comments)

DNA House in support of genuine work

DNA House, DNA's head office at Läkkisepäntie 21, Helsinki, provides the offices for most of the DNA staff in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, some 550 employees.

DNA House is part of the new DNA office concept, which so far has also been implemented in Lahti (Hennalankatu office), Oulu and Kuopio. The idea is to create an inspiring and flexible workspace, which encourages the entire personnel to adopt versatile ways of working.

DNA House is an energy-efficient, flexible work environment. The multipurpose, modern concept is reflected in the fact that approximately two-thirds of all workspaces are mobile, while the remaining third are fixed desks assigned to specific persons. The purpose of the new system is to increase interaction between individuals. The concept is further supported by free zones, designed for teamwork, and library rooms for silent work.

Work culture at DNA

We aim to build a team of top experts, where each position is held by a dedicated and competent person. Leadership based on DNA’s values and a boldly distinctive corporate culture create a sustainable competitive advantage in the constantly evolving industry. Competence development is an important part of everyday operations at DNA.

GPTW surveys indicate that one of DNA’s strengths is its skilled and committed employees, who build a positive working atmosphere and team spirit. The employees have given particularly positive feedback on the opportunities offered by DNA to reconcile work and leisure time.

We offer DNA employees:

  • adaptable ways of working: remote work and flexible work
  • modern workspaces according to DNA’s office concept
  • diversified training systems
  • more extensive occupational health care services than what is required by law
  • Ticket Duo lunch, sport and cultural benefit card
  • modern tools and practices
  • versatile club activities
  • childcare provided by the employer when a child falls ill
  • personnel discount on DNA’s services and products
  • close cooperation with personnel representatives
  • DNA Peers, consisting of employees, to promote job satisfaction

We at DNA act according to our values smoothly across organizational boundaries. We have set up a number of project teams and virtual teams that operate in parallel with the normal organisational structure.
In this way, we share our know-how, develop and advance in our careers.

We also boldly experiment with new ways of working together with our partners. At the beginning of the year, we arranged DNA Content Hackathon, where 11 start-up companies created new digital solutions and concepts for DNA in sports-related content production and content marketing. The work was carried out in close cooperation with DNA's own specialists.

Our goal is

  • to have a dedicated and competent person in every position
  • to be one of Finland's most wanted employers.

DNA has been involved in the family-friendly work initiative of Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. The purpose of the programme is to improve the quality of working life by taking into account different situations in life as part of working and workplace practices. The family-friendly workplace programme proves that companies that have joined the programme are committed to developing and supporting family-friendly practices at the workplace. DNA is actively involved in the initiative, creating the best practices for the working life. In February 2017, for example, DNA announced that it was the first company in Finland to introduce grandparental leave. The DNA employees who become grandparents are entitled to one week’s paid grandparental leave. The aim of the leave is to promote family-friendliness at the workplace even at a later stage of the career.

Jaakko Happo to be in charge of DNA’s treasury management

20 June 2017

Jaakko Happo has been nominated as the Head of Treasury, and he will be responsible for DNA’s treasury operations.
The responsibility area of Jaakko Happo (M.Sc.) includes DNA’s financial planning and the related activities, liquidity maintenance and the development of the treasury function. He will take up his position at DNA on 14 August and he will report to CFO Timo Karppinen.
Jaakko Happo transfers to DNA from Apetit Oyj, where he was responsible for finance and risk management. Previously, he has held a wide variety of positions in financing and banking, for example, at SEB, Sampo Bank and Finnvera.

Welcome to DNA, Jaakko!







DNA participates in the Family-Friendly Workplace initiative

DNA participates in the Family-Friendly Workplace programme of Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. The aim of the programme is to promote family-friendly practices at workplaces.

We want to be among Finland’s best places to work. Accordingly, the possibility of balancing working life with personal life is one of the key factors for the well-being of our employees.

There are many examples of DNA’s family-friendly workplace practices. Our Flexible working model gives great freedom and flexibility to specialist work by allowing employees to independently decide where they want to carry our their work. We have introduced remote working throughout the company, even in traditional office jobs such as customer service.

The first in Finland to offer granny and grandpa leave

The DNA employees who become grandparents are entitled to one week’s paid grandparental leave. The aim of the leave is to promote family-friendliness at the workplace even at a later stage of the career.

We are the first company in Finland to offer its employees this benefit.

The grandparental leave should be used for spending time with the family within a year from the birth of a grandchild. The only support network many new mothers and fathers have may be far away, and it is important that grandparents can be present when they are needed.