Services for Teleoperators

DNA Plc provides for domestic and international operators cost-effective infrastructure services that apply state-of-the-art technologies.


Products for access networks

DNA leases to network service providers leased lines, implemented through metal couplings, for access to the DNA infrastructure network; fixed lines based on this service; and bandwidth capacity that extends to the upper limit of the access lines used for voice transmission.

Operator broadband products

Operator Broadband is a broadband connection for operators, implemented by means of the network owned by DNA.

Delivery of connection information

The delivery of connection information means the specifications that enable establishing connection to the copper-line infrastructure network by means of the access lines, fixed-line connections or ODSL ports leased to the network service provider.

Equipment and mast facility products

As availability allows, DNA leases to operators equipment space on DNA premises suitable for the intended purpose. The equipment facility services include:

  • Equipment space
  • Equipment locations
  • Mast sites
  • Power supply and secured power supply systems

Connectivity products from the transfer and backbone network

DNA Plc leases infrastructure and transfer network capacity, as well as capacity between access points. These products can be used to implement local and nationwide solutions.

Integration products

In addition, DNA Plc provides integration services for telecommunications networks. The integration products include:

  • Routing
  • Redirection
  • Forwarding
  • Pre-selection agreement
  • Number portability

Roaming reference offers

DNA Plc General Terms and Conditions for Operator Services

DNA Plc General Terms and Conditions for Operator Services are available via this link.

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