DNA's sponsoring principles

Sponsoring is a part of DNA’s marketing. Sponsoring follows the same principles and decision-making models as other marketing operations. Sponsoring means an opportunity for DNA to be seen in connection with an organisation or an event based on an agreement. Participation is based on active selection and partnership that is based on DNA's business principles, values and brand.

The following principles are always applied to sponsoring by DNA:
• All offers will be processed in an appropriate manner and will be answered in writing.
• Cooperation always requires a legally binding agreement.
• DNA must be the main sponsor or one of them.
• No other companies in the same industry can be sponsors together with DNA.
• There must never be any risks related to corruption or taxation of any kind related to DNA's participation.
• DNA must have an opportunity to benefit from the cooperation commercially.

Decision-making grounds:
• Decisions will be made according to the principles described above and based on the company's strategy and business plans.
• All of the operation must strengthen DNA's brand and concretise the values that the company represents.
• A decision must always be based on the company's (not an individual officer's) interest.

• There is always a clear goal and target for the participation.
• The operation is always evaluated in advance, during it and afterwards.
• DNA always operates as an active cooperation partner.

Sponsoring must always ensure that DNA can promote their products and services and sell them. However, commercial opportunities must not be the foundation for decision-making concerning sponsoring but an important part of it.


DNA will not sponsor the following kinds of operations:

• Operation involving risks (such as martial arts): Operation involving a clear risk of a participant or a spectator being disabled.
• Projects that are harmful to the environment: DNA will not support projects that contradict its view on environmental responsibility.
• Political or religious operation: DNA will not take part in cooperation that can be considered as a political or religious statement.
• Other companies: DNA will not sponsor other companies.

In addition, sponsoring will be carefully considered in the following cases:

• Sports that have involved several doping cases or vandalism.