DNA’s employee benefits

Modern workspaces, tools and practices

Workspaces and office refreshments

All DNA’s office premises have been partially or fully renovated in the past few years, and we have carefully considered modern open-office solutions. We also have many open and private spaces for quiet work. Ergonomics were carefully planned from start to finish when we selected a variety of seating options and pondered our options for the working spaces.

DNA's headquarters will move to the new premises in summer 2024. Naturally, a large number of staff representatives from all over DNA are involved in the design of the Ilmalanlinna premises, which are under construction in Ilmala, Helsinki. Our new headquarters is being built together, for shared use and shared moments. The new premises will also aim to strengthen work-life balance and community spirit.

All our offices have free coffee and other hot beverages.

Computers, phones and software

DNA employees have modern work equipment that suits their position, such as powerful computers (depending on their role, either Windows or macOS) and work phones (Android or iOS). DNA also provides its employees with all the software they need in their position according to the needs of each specific situation. Almost everyone has access to the Microsoft Office product family, and we offer Adobe’s software and numerous other programmes for creative work. Applicable software is also available for tasks with more unique needs.

40 hours of working time for studying

DNA aims to support the development of its employees and ensure that the competence level corresponds to future work tasks. Thus, each DNA employee can use 40 working hours each year for studying. All DNA and agency employees are included in the learning challenge. Customer service at DNA Stores and consumer business already has established learning and training practices which are implemented during working hours. For them, the 40-hour learning challenge is realised through these practices.

Flexible work concept and possibilities for remote work

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Sports and recreational activities

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Oppimiseen 40 tuntia työaikaa vuodessa – miten sinä aiot säilyttää työmarkkina-arvosi?

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