DNA’s employee benefits

Sports and recreational benefits

Edenred card

DNA employees  have an Edenred card, that can be used for lunch, sports, cultural hobbies, massages and commuter tickets subsidised by the employer.

Bicycle benefit

DNA employees have access to employee bicycle benefit provided by Etufillari. The bike is purchased through a leasing agreement. The taxable value of the bike benefit is calculated as a monthly taxable value in accordance with the taxable values set by the Tax Administration.

DNA House’s wellness space Base

DNA House has a gym, fully renovated in spring 2020, equipped with modern Matrix equipment, free weights, TV screens and the possibility to take Les Mills virtual group or individual exercise classes.

Ergonomics and office workouts

At DNA, sedentary work does not need to be sedentary. It can be walking work, standing work, lying-down work, path work, bouncing work or even balancing work. Desks can be adjusted to standing height even in some of the conference rooms, and you can choose an exercise ball, desk cycle or balance board as your base. In addition, the offices have modern massage chairs to relax your sore muscles as well as stall bars and gymnastics rings to help with stretching.

DNA employees also have access to the Cuckoo break exercise app, where you can find a wealth of instructions for wellbeing at work, ranging from break exercises to mindfulness.

Occupational wellbeing and team days

DNA organises a wide range of occupational wellbeing days throughout the year for both employees and their families.These have been, for example, an after-work evening for the friends of DNA employees, a Linnanmäki amusement park day for families, and a sports and refreshment weekend for the entire staff.

In addition, DNA offers teams a team allowance based on their size, which can be used to organise a team day during the working year.

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