DNA's communications

Communication principles

DNA has an open and active approach to communication

The basic principle of communication at DNA is that all stakeholders have an equal and fair opportunity to receive information simultaneously. The objective of communication is to provide accurate and adequate information about DNA's operations.

The objective of DNA's external communication is to maintain and gain trust and awareness among customers and partners, to strengthen the DNA brand and support company business. The objective of internal communication is to support the work of DNA's personnel and the realisation of common objectives by providing enough information, and to establish clear communication about current topics at DNA and the future outlook of the company. 


DNA publishes press releases about all essential and significant matters and events to inform all stakeholders simultaneously. The releases are published in Finnish and English.

DNA's financial communication follows an established schedule. The publication dates for the next financial period are published before the end of the current period. Read more about this in DNA's disclosure guidelines.

Silent period

DNA's silent period commences three (3) weeks before the announcement of financial results. During the silent period, DNA makes no comments on the company's financial status, markets or the future. The silent period comes to an end at the publication of the Group's financial results.

The schedule for financial communication can be found here.

Profit warning

A profit warning is issued if DNA considers that its financial development, estimated financial result or future outlook has become materially different from that previously published. The CFO assesses the change with the President and CEO of DNA.

Communication methods and publication and availability of press releases

In addition to common press releases, DNA discloses information in financial reports, half-year review, the Annual Report, DNA website, meetings and press conferences.

Press releases and financial reports are distributed to key media and published in Finnish and in English at DNA's website.

Responsibilities and spokespersons

DNA's Corporate Communications have the overall responsibility for the maintenance of media relations, preparation of materials for publication and adherence to a coherent communication policy.

DNA's President and CEO, CFO and Vice President, Corporate Communications, are the official Group spokespersons, providing statements on matters pertaining to the operation and development of DNA Group. Other members of the Group management act as spokespersons in matters pertaining to their respective responsibilities.

Crisis communication

DNA's Vice President, Corporate Communications, is responsible for the management of crisis communication. DNA's crisis communication group comprises of Vice President, Corporate Communications, business segment Communications Managers and Chief Security Officer.

DNA's crisis communication plan specifies the principles and objectives of DNA's crisis communication. These include ensuring business continuity, engaging in quick, honest, open, active and planned communication, human touch and respect for individuals, responsibility, establishing dialogue and using clear language.

Market rumours

DNA does not comment on any market rumours if they are deemed not to cause a significant disturbance to DNA's business. If DNA deems it necessary to comment on the issue, it will issue a press release.