DNA’s employee benefits

Other employee benefits

Target and performance bonuses

DNA has different target and performance bonus models depending on the job. The meaning of the bonus model is to promote the realization of DNA's strategic goals. Some tasks have an annual bonus based on both common and personal goals. Instead of annual target bonuses, some other tasks use a payroll model based on daily performance monitoring, ie commissions. You can ask a recruiter for more information about bonus models.

Discounts on DNA’s products and services

DNA’s personnel is entitled to significant discounts on DNA’s products and services. The benefits apply to both DNA’s own employees and agency employees. An employee can order discounted products and services in their own name, subject to certain restrictions, even for their family members. The subscriber must be a DNA employee, but the payer and user of the product or service may be another person.

Celebrations and acknowledgements

DNA celebrates and acknowledges long-lasting employment relationships, milestone birthdays and employees’ big life events, such as weddings or the birth of a child.

DNA Kummit ("DNA Peers")

DNA Kummit stimulate coworkers’ working day, promote occupational wellbeing and highlight important issues to improve enjoyment at work. DNA Kummit affect the development of enjoyment at work. The personnel in each municipality knows best what improves their enjoyment in that specific office. DNA Kummit have their own annual budget.

Mentoring and coaching

DNA has chosen mentoring and coaching as one of its personnel development methods. At DNA, all coaches are certified coaches. They have attended the Finnish Coaching Institute's coaching program, which is particularly focused on the needs of the work environment. In accordance with their training, DNA's coaches are able to open new perspectives for the dynamic development of individuals, groups and organizations. With their coaching skills, they can support DNA employees specifically in matters that are not employee's core competencies for their work role.