Sustainability at DNA

We create connections that make everything possible. ​ Good connections bring people closer together make working run smoothly and help the society stay dynamic.

And that’s why we need to make sure we have our hearts and sustainability in the right place.

Connecting you to what matters most

We have an important task that we carry with responsibility and pride. High-quality connections and devices, digital skills and inclusion are a necessity for both consumer and corporate customers in the digital world. DNA is responsible for providing network connections and services to millions of people, and we want to do our job well.

However, to us, sustainability means much more. We do better than we are obliged to do. We invest in people’s wellbeing and create a sustainable connection with the environment. We take good care of our customers, employees and those in society who need assistance.

Five cornerstones of sustainability at DNA

Our sustainability work has five cornerstones: digital inclusion, great place to work, climate-friendly operations, reliable data security and privacy, and good governance.

Digital inclusion

We contribute to digital inclusion in Finland.

Great place to work

Our aim is to be one of the most desirable employers in Finland. Employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of our work.

Climate-friendly business

DNA has ambitious climate targets of becoming climate neutral by 2030.

Data security nad privacy

We want to be worthy of our customers' trust by safeguarding data security and privacy.

Good governance

Good governance is the basis of our operations, from our own activities to suppliers and subcontractors.

Responsibility news from DNA


Saisitko sinä töitä vieraassa kieli- ja digiympäristössä? DNA:n ja Planin projekti auttaa maahanmuuttajanuoria.

Digitaalisen yhdenvertaisuuden tutkimus

Joka kolmas alle 25-vuotias on kärsinyt yksinäisyydestä yhteiskunnan digitalisoituessa.


Kasvavat datamäärät vievät paljon sähköä – 5G tarjoaa silti myös ratkaisua nousevaan ilmastokuormaan.

Laitteiden kierrätys

Kun vanha puhelimesi tulee tiensä päähän, voit kierrättää sen turvallisesti DNA Kaupoissa.

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