Sustainability at DNA

We want to ensure that we act with sustainability at heart right from our employees to our suppliers. We want to show that we are ethical and have a positive impact on society.

Connecting you to what matters most

We have an important task that we carry with responsibility and pride. High-quality connections and devices, digital skills and inclusion are a necessity for both consumer and corporate customers in the digital world. DNA is responsible for providing network connections and services to millions of people, and we want to do our job well.

However, to us, sustainability means much more. We do better than we are obliged to do. We invest in people’s wellbeing and create a sustainable connection with the environment. We take good care of our customers, employees and those in society who need assistance.

DNA's Sustainability Programme

Our sustainability work has five cornerstones: straightforward sustainable partner, humane and one-of-a-kind place to work, digitally inclusive Finland, moving data within planetary boundaries, and safe and secure services. The program is based on a materiality analysis done in 2022. Please find all of our subjects categorized adapting the Double Materiality Guidelines draft here

Straightforward sustainable partner

We are committed to ethical and sustainable business and expect the same from our partners. We contribute positively to the Finnish society. 

Humane and one-of-a-kind place to work

We are a flexible and family-friendly employer that embraces diversity. We encourage everyone 
to bravely pursue their ambitions. Everyone at DNA helps us achieve our sustainability ambitions.

Digitally inclusive Finland

We enable participation to the digital society and want to ensure that no one is left behind in digitalization. We make use of the digital to facilitate a human connection.

Moving data within planetary boundaries

We enable climate-friendly data transfer in our networks and ambitiously reduce emissions in our operations. We make circularity easy for our customers.

Safe and secure services

We enable a care-free daily digital life to our customers through secure networks and security services. Our own cybersecurity measures are robust and follow leading practices.

Responsibility news from DNA


DNA's new sustainability report shows the good results in work for the benefit of climate, diversity, and digital equality

The report reveals many significant developments and good results, especially in reducing climate emissions, environmental management and work for diversity and digital equality.

DNA:n ympäristöjohtamiselle ISO 14001 -sertifikaatti

Sertifikaatti on maailmanlaajuisesti tunnettu standardi ympäristöjärjestelmille, ja sen saavuttaminen osoittaa DNA:n sitoutumista ympäristövastuuseen.

Digitaalisen yhdenvertaisuuden tutkimus

Joka kolmas alle 25-vuotias on kärsinyt yksinäisyydestä yhteiskunnan digitalisoituessa.

Corporate commitments: Responsible services of Finland

We're committing to Palta's sustainable development commitments to contribute Finland's national sustainable development strategy.

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Kun vanha puhelimesi tulee tiensä päähän, voit kierrättää sen turvallisesti DNA Kaupoissa.

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