Good governance

Good governance forms the basis for all responsible operations. At DNA, responsible operations cover the company’s own operations and personnel as well as our suppliers and subcontractors.


DNA adheres to national legislation in all its operations. Our shared values build the foundation for DNA's corporate culture, growth and development. Telenor Group's Code of Conduct applies to all DNA employees. We also expect our suppliers and subcontractors to follow the same principles. 

Objectives and examples of measures

Our goal is that all DNA employees have completed DNA’s Code of Conduct training.

Good governance is a crucial part of DNA's operations.


Everyone working at DNA or for DNA has to know and comply with DNA's Code of Conduct.         


DNA Decision Path is a tool for responsible decision-making

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DNA has implemented the DNA Decision Path model to support responsible decision-making according to DNA’s strategy. It acts as a checklist to assess the short-term and long-term impacts of decisions on four areas: consistency of strategy, finances and risks, compliance, and universal acceptability.

Decision Path challenges DNA employees to consider important questions, including the following:

  • Is the decision consistent with DNA’s ethical guidelines?
  • Have the risks and opportunities related to the decision been assessed?
  • Have DNA’s own experts been sufficiently heard for the decision?

If an answer cannot be found for all 12 Decision Path questions the decision will return to preparation.

All supervisors will take part in DNA Decision Path training, and DNA trained nearly 200 employees in 2019. In addition to supervisors, the training is also available to all DNA employees who need support with making everyday decisions.

“We have received positive feedback on the training, and it has been seen as useful. Internal surveys show that employees are familiar with the Decision Path and use it for everyday work”, says Hanna Haapakoski, Sustainability Manager of DNA.    

DNA Decision Path has been used by executive teams and key steering groups since 2017. Decision Path training continues in 2020.