Mutkaton ja kestävä kumppani

Olemme sitoutuneet harjoittamaan eettistä ja kestävää liiketoimintaa, ja odotamme samaa myös kumppaneiltamme. Toiminnallamme pyrimme vaikuttamaan positiivisesti suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan.

Why does DNA want to be a straightforward, sustainable partner?

Only a transparent partner can create true impact. Our business is driven by values defined in co-operation with our personnel: fast, straightforward and brave. DNA adheres to national legislation in all its operations.

Telenor Group's Code of Conduct applies to all DNA employees. We also expect our suppliers and subcontractors to follow the same principles. 

DNA participates in the following sustainability initiatives:

  • UN Global Compact (member of Network Finland as a subsidiary of Telenor)
  • Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS
  • Inklusiiv ry
  • Science Based Targets Initiative (as part of Telenor)

How our work is governed

At DNA, good governance is ensured on all levels of the organisation, from people-oriented supervisory work to regulatory monitoring and implementation. Our sustainability policies and manuals that complement them include:

·       Group Policy, Sustainability
·       Group manuals: Sustainability Environment & Climate, Sustainability Human Rights Due Diligence, Sustainability Partnerships, Sustainability E-Waste and Recycling, Responsible Business Reporting
·       Group Policy, Privacy
·       Group Policy, Anti-Corruption
·       Group Policy, People
·       Group manual: Diversity & Inclusion

DNA also has an anonymous notification channel for reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behaviour. DNA employees can report any concerns through Telenor’s Integrity Hotline.

DNA pays all its taxes to Finland

Our responsibility also extends to the development of Finnish society. We contribute to the development of our society for example by building important network infrastructure, ensuring digital equality – and by connecting people to everything that matters the most to them. We also pay all our taxes to Finland. In 2022 DNA paid a total of EUR 189 million in taxes and tax-like charges to Finland.


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Our goals

DNA follows its performance via how well it can keep its personnel in the knowledge of our responsibilities as DNA, and as employees. All employees are annually trained and retrained on our Code of Conduct and human rights are trained to most material personnel groups determined by our Human Rights Impact Assessment.


Examples of our work


DNA and suppliers


DNA enforces a Supplier Code of Conduct. In 2022, an increasing number of significant new suppliers have also signed Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles. These principles are always an essential part of the supplier agreement and also apply to the supplier’s subcontractors.


DNA also made a stronger commitment to enforcing a climate goal among its suppliers in 2022. As part of Telenor, DNA contributes to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) with the aim that two thirds, or 68%, of our main suppliers, by spend, shall set science-based targets meeting the Paris Climate Agreement target.

DNA and Human Rights

DNA conducted its first Human Rights Due Diligence assessment in 2021. As DNA is a telecommunications operator, the main human rights related impacts are related to freedom of expression and privacy. In 2022, DNA’s Sustainability Manager provided basic human rights training to DNA’s information security and procurement personnel, explaining the impact of their roles in the enforcement of human rights.

DNA and anti-corruption

DNA has zero-tolerance of corruption and bribery: the Group’s Code of Conduct bans any corruption, and this is also emphasized during the annual mandatory training for all employees. DNA also has separate guidelines for the giving and receiving of business gifts. Any corruption risk is assessed as part of the Group’s risk management process. No incidents of corruption or bribery were identified at DNA in 2022.

Goal accomplished! In 2022, 100% of DNA personnel completed Code of Conduct training.

Meille vastuullisuus on sitä, miten yritys harjoittaa liiketoimintaa vastuullisesti, mikä auttaa sekä luomaan arvoa ihmisilleen, osakkeenomistajilleen ja yhteiskunnalle että vahvistamaan ja ylläpitämään maailmaa tuleville sukupolville.

Telenor Group is committed to the principles of the Global Compact. We support the Compact’s sustainable development goals and the principles of human rights, working life, the environment and the fight against corruption, as well as other UN goals.