DNA’s social impacts

DNA plays an important role as a provider of voice and data communication connections for people and society as a whole. We want to provide fast first-rate connections and solutions that enable digitalisation and the development of Finland's competitiveness. DNA also pays all its taxes in Finland and is an important employer in many Finnish regions.


DNA employs a total of about 1,600 professionals

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Our work community here at DNA consists of more than 1,600 professionals from different fields. Our staff includes experts in information and communication technologies, code languages and programming, marketing and communications, legal affairs and regulation, finance and investment, customer service and sales, and human resources.


DNA is an important employer across Finland

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DNA is a major employer in numerous Finnish regions, including the following cities: Helsinki, Lahti, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Pietarsaari, Oulu, Taivalkoski, Hämeenlinna, Rauma, Pori.


DNA Stores serve customers in 40 cities

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Learn more: More than 40 DNA Stores offer a wide range of devices, inexpensive subscriptions, entertainment and other services, fast network connections as well as help and support.

The locations and opening times of all DNA Stores are available at (in Finnish).



DNA pays 189 million euros in taxes and tax-like fees in Finland

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In 2022, the taxes and tax-like fees paid by DNA in Finland amounted to EUR 189 million (202. DNA pays all its taxes in Finland. By doing so, DNA contributes to the development of the Finnish society as a whole.

Taxes paid by DNA comprise direct, indirect, and collected taxes. Direct taxes consist of corporate income tax and tax-like fees paid directly by DNA. Value-added tax is an indirect tax paid by DNA. Collected taxes include tax collected and paid to the state, such as withholding taxes collected from employees’ salaries and other self-assessed taxes, such as withholding taxes deducted from dividends.

Traficom is a public sector operator to which DNA pays tax-like fees, which were EUR 10 million in 2022 (22). These fees include licence fees, the information society fee, and communications network numbering fees, for example.

Further information about DNA’s tax footprint is available in our Corporate Responsibility Report.


DNA invests 167 million euros in Finland

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DNA’s investments in 2022 were EUR 167 million (191). Major investment items include investments in radio network capacity expansion and development as well as fibre optic networks and IT and transmission systems.



DNA meets the growing communications needs in Finland

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DNA invests in a very competitive and cost-effective network and service platform infrastructure to meet the growing communications needs of consumers, businesses and society in general.