Work culture

DNA's award-winning work culture is built on trust. In 2019, DNA was selected as the best workplace in Finland and one of the best workplaces in Europe in the GPTW survey. The Family Federation of Finland has granted us recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace.

How does it feel like to work at DNA?

Our work community here at DNA consists of more than 1,600 professionals from different fields. Our staff includes experts in information and communication technologies, code languages and programming, marketing and communications, legal affairs and regulation, finance and investment, customer service and sales, and human resources – and this represents just a small part of our operations.

The things DNA employees listed as the main reasons for their high job satisfaction (2019) included flexible work processes, interesting tasks, good employee benefits, extensive remote work opportunities, a modern working environment and a family-friendly culture that encourages employees to find a balance between work and leisure.

Each employee has the freedom for personal development in their daily work. At DNA, this means more than a course here and there; it means we enable our employees to hone their skills in many different ways. We support special learners, and employees can often choose the training method that best suits them – whether it means learning from colleagues or through seminars, videos or podcasts.

We encourage one another to speak openly about career plans, and we always strive to find opportunities for internal career movements – both lateral and vertical.

At DNA, managers do not isolate themselves in separate offices – in fact, we don’t even have private offices. First and foremost, we are all co-workers. We see different ways of thinking and working within teams as a strength, which we strive to foster. You are welcome to join us just the way you are.

We dare to say that working at DNA feels good.

Would you be ready to give it a try? We are always looking for new co-workers. You can find vacancies at

DNA is a strongly value-driven company

Our shared values build the foundation not only for our growth and development but also for our work culture.

Fast in our work community means that we focus on the essential and carry out tasks in a consistent and determined manner.

Bold means that we are direct, open-minded and ready for change. DNA's employees are willing to try new things and stand firmly behind their decisions. Boldness means always giving 100 per cent in order to complete a task.

Straightforward means that we also value and understand our internal customers. DNA’s approach is clear and responsible. DNA employees have the ability to make difficult matters easier.


DNA's employee benefits

A wellbeing staff that enjoys their work is our most important asset. That’s why DNA works hard to streamline employees’ everyday life and provide useful benefits.