DNA’s employee benefits

Extensive occupational health services

Occupational health services and leisure-time accident insurance

DNA provides its staff with occupational health services that are broader than required by law. The services of an occupational health nurse, occupational doctor, specialist doctors, occupational physiotherapist and occupational psychologist are provided as needed. In addition, employees have access to Mehiläinen’s digital clinic, i.e. a remote doctor service, through which you can also renew your prescriptions.

DNA employees are also entitled to a free eyesight test, and you can call or visit a nurse even for the slightest concern. We use a model of early care, which promotes the identification of problems that threaten the ability to work as early as possible as well as tackles them. We regularly update the first-aid competence of our staff.

The employer offers a comprehensive leisure-time accident insurance policy for the personnel. In addition, employees have access to a service called Auntie which offers help with, for example, tackling everyday challenges ranging from relationship trouble to other challenging situations.

Absence due to illness

Employees may stay at home due to their own illness without a sick leave certificate for five consecutive days. However, the absence and its duration must be notified to a supervisor immediately. The supervisor has the right to request a certificate as of the first day of illness. The duration of paid sick leave depends on the duration of the employment. Temporary work arrangements are also possible in order to maintain employees’ ability to work.

Home care service of a sick child

DNA has made an agreement for home care service of a sick child. The service is an alternative to the parent staying at home when their child becomes ill. The benefit for home care of a sick child is paid for by the employer and exempt from tax for the employee. Therefore, it is free. The childcare service is available for children aged 0-9 on weekdays for a maximum of three days per disease.