What are good information security skills made of?

Call, click, browse and download safely – we are working constantly to ensure your information security. Your help is also needed for your information security. Get the skills to keep your data more secure here.

Interesting facts about information security

10 000 000

Blocked scam calls

Last year, we blocked 10 million scam calls and over a million scam text messages. DNA works actively and continuously with other telecommunications operators and Traficom to block any threats. We will develop our ability to respond to new challenges also in 2024.


Consider it important to take care of information security

73% of the Finns who responded to the Digital Life survey* consider it important to take care of information security issues. We think that this figure should be 100%, which is why we are sharing know-how on the subject.


Better tools

Traficom’s new regulatory changes for operators provide better tools for cracking down on and reducing opportunities for scammers. After the New Year, the changes will also affect text message filtering.

What is information security literacy?

“Information security literacy is general knowledge of the digital world – practical skills and awareness that help each of us protect ourselves better against scams.⁠”

– Ilkka Tuominen, DNA’s Fraud Manager

Top security content

A quick checklist for good information security

Information security is further emphasised as services become increasingly digital – the risk of being exposed to various scams and malware increases as well. So what does good information security consist of? Read more (Inf Finnish).

Master new information security terms

Familiarise yourself with the key information security terms of the moment, identify threats and pick up important tips.

How can you make your home Internet safer?

A poorly protected home network allows scammers to infiltrate the devices in your home.

A guide to creating a secure and strong password

It only takes a few minutes to change your password – learn how to create a good password.

How to use your work phone securely

What do you need to consider in order to use your work phone securely?

Test whether your email address has been involved in a data breach

Find out here

True stories of cybercrime

Co-produced by DNA and Tivi, Kyberrosvot is a true crime podcast that presents interesting cybercrime cases from Finland and abroad. Hosted by Peter Nyman, the podcast features Juho Saarinen, Business Manager for DNA’s information security business, as a regular guest and some of Finland’s leading cyber experts as alternating guests.