DNA as a company

We connect you to what matters most 

We have an important task that we carry with responsibility and pride. High-quality connections and devices, digital skills and inclusion are a necessity for both consumer and corporate customers in the digital world. DNA is responsible for providing network connections and services to millions of people, and we want to do our job well.

DNA’s strategic objectives

DNA’s vision is to have the most satisfied customers. DNA’s key pillars support the creation of an excellent customer experience: high-quality mobile and fixed networks, motivated and customer-oriented personnel, advanced data analytics, as well as culture as a challenger, which is reflected in cost-effectiveness and agility. 

1. To be the best place to work and learn

Satisfied, motivated and qualified employees are a crucial foundation for DNA’s ability to provide the best customer service on the market. We measure our success as an employer through internal surveys. We are also the first large Finnish company to receive the Family-Friendly Workplace award from the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto). Our objective is that DNA has a team of top experts with a dedicated and competent employee in each position.

2. To have the best customer experience  

DNA wants to achieve a significantly higher level of customer satisfaction than its competitors. Customer satisfaction is measured by means including the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and subscription turnover rate (CHURN). The methods with which DNA measures customer satisfaction are continuously developed. DNA’s customers satisfaction has increased steadily during last years.

3. Faster than the market growth  

DNA believes that satisfied customers want to concentrate their shopping to DNA and will also recommend DNA to new customers. High level of customer satisfaction, professional sales operations and high-quality omnichannel customer service differentiate DNA from competitors, leading to better financial development and higher shareholder value. DNA’s success in these areas is measured by the development of net sales and operative free cash flow.

4. Strong care of the environment and the society  

We invest in people’s wellbeing and create a sustainable connection with the environment. We take good care of our customers, employees and those in society who need assistance.