DNA as a company

DNA's subsidiaries

DNA is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Finland. DNA’s customers are consistently among the world’s top users in mobile data. DNA has approximately 3.6 million subscriptions in its fixed and mobile communications networks. DNA’s subsidiaries also play a key role in providing straightforward services and products. Read more about DNA’s subsidiaries below.

DNA Tower Finland oy

DNA Tower Finland oy manages and rents small equipment facilities and masts as well as real estate. DNA Tower Finland oy’s key task is to secure the construction of 5G connections in accordance with DNA’s plans as well as to take care of the sale, maintenance and development of equipment facilities and masts.

DNA Tower Finland oy is a subsidiary of DNA.

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DNA Store Ltd

DNA Store Ltd is Finland’s most extensive retailer of mobile phones, other mobile devices and mobile subscriptions, with a chain of over 60 outlets. DNA Store's offering also includes TV and broadband services and the related terminal devices.

DNA Store Ltd is a subsidiary of DNA.

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Moi Mobiili oy

Moi aims to provide affordable and flexible subscription services to its customers. The company’s modern service platform was created to ensure a customer-oriented operating model. Moi uses digital and modular technology solutions. Moi subscriptions became available on the market in May 2016.

Moi Mobiili oy is a subsidiary of DNA.

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