DNA’s employee benefits

A wellbeing staff that enjoys their work is our most important asset. That’s why DNA works hard to streamline employees’ everyday life and provide useful benefits.

Flexible work concept and remote working

At DNA, we work in a flexible manner. If your position is not tied to a place or time, you can complete your work wherever and whenever without a separate permission from your supervisor. DNA has three levels of remote working:

  1. The flexible model means full freedom and already includes most of the staff. In this model, no permission is needed for remote work. Remote work abroad is also okay.
  2. The limited remote work model applies to jobs where remote working is typically considered as very difficult to implement. For example, amount of remote work is being regulated in customer service work to ensure service readiness.
  3. Necessary in-person work includes employees who must be present at their workstation because of their position, data security reasons or customer demands. Employees in these positions fully understand why their position does not include the possibility for remote work. The aim is to create as much flexibility as possible for these positions as well.


How has the corona pandemic affected remote working?

During the corona pandemic, freedom has been further increased. More than 95% of DNA's personnel have been working remotely since March 2020 – through the years 2020 and 2021.

The personnel survey from May 2021 showed that few (20%) DNA employees are in a hurry to get into the office and the importance of remote working to the individual has become significant. Approximately 70% of the personnel expect to work at the office only one or two days a week in the future. So, the need to return to the office is not great. Most of DNA's personnel have been able to perform their work well and efficiently during continuous remote working. More than 95% of DNA's personnel have been working remotely since March 2020. 

There are certain things that are missed from office work. Social encounters and sense of community, ergonomics, office supplies and other benefits of the office were the most important. Lunches, coffee moments, taking breaks from work, and spontaneous mutual sparring were also mentioned by DNA personnel. DNA has therefore recognised that in these areas, personnel well-being and the performance and meaningfulness of work can be significantly better supported even in remote conditions. 

There are also many who hardly miss anything from the office. In general, the main concerns regarding returning to the office were the possibility of a coronavirus infection, a decrease in working efficiency, inefficiency in time use, noise, lack of peace at work and an increase in everyday load due to, for example, the time spent on commuting, and early wake-up calls.

DNA has already taken several concrete measures to improve the continuous remote work experience of its personnel. 

  • Free remote working is also being genuinely offered to functions that were subject to restrictions before the coronavirus pandemic. These include customer service tasks, where the arrangement of continuous remote working has required a little more effort to maintain a high level of service than usual.
  • Tools related to work and ergonomics, such as displays and work chairs, are lent to personnel from the office.
  • The entire organisation has introduced the practice of a weekly meeting-free period, which ensures that personnel are also guaranteed to have peaceful working hours.
  • With new tools and means, we ensure that team days, for example, can be arranged remotely or physically but safely so that they fulfil their purpose in terms of recreation and increasing the sense of community.
  • We improve the capabilities of managerial staff to support their team members through training, and further develop open internal communication. 

How about working from abroad?

DNA employees who work according to the flexible work concept can work abroad for 2 to 3 weeks out of the year with the supervisor’s permission and with certain restrictions regarding the time zone and the length of the remote working period.

  • The remote work period abroad is paid for by the employee, who must also ensure that they have sufficient internet access for remote work.
  • The aim of the benefit is to allow, for example, family trips during school holidays on a wider scale.
  • Employees have also extended a weekend trip abroad by working remotely, and even entire teams have organised shared remote work weeks abroad to raise their team spirit or simply to get some sun in the winter.

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