DNA’s awards and certificates

DNA is a certified high-quality and award-winning partner. We are happy about and grateful for the recognitions we have received.

Winning tastes sweet, but it does not satisfy the hunger.

Thank you. We have the most satisfied phone subscription customers. And although this is delicious, but now it is not the time to be satisfied with winning. We must look into the future. Think about how we can be even better.

DNA took the top place in the mobile operators EPSI Rating independent survey measuring customer satisfaction in Finland both among consumer and corporate customers. Some 1,000 consumer and corporate customers in Finland were interviewed for the survey.

We are hungry for improving ourselves and for this we need your help. Please send us your views, both positive and negative. We will take notice and develop our operations from here onwards.

Top position in the industry sector sustainability ranking list

The EPSI sustainability index examines views and experiences of consumers, companies and organizations of how the industry players bear their social responsibility. Views on sustainability were assessed for the operators’ social, environmental and economic sustainability. DNA received the best estimates in the industry from the Finns.

Finnish Quality Award

In November 2023 DNA won the Finnish Quality Association’s 2023 Quality Award in recognition of its excellence and sustainable competitiveness. The reasoning behind the award states that DNA’s special strengths are customer orientation and an ability to lead strategy from the top level to practical objectives and further to good results.

ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management

The certification is a world-wide known standard for environmental systems and having been granted the certification shows DNA’s commitment to environmental sustainability.