DNA as a company

We make our customers’ lives less complicated, enabling everyone to concentrate on what matters to them. We provide connections, services and devices to home and work and enable the digitalization of the society.

Our shared values build the foundation for
DNA's growth and development

Our business is driven by values defined in co-operation with our personnel:


means that DNA's customers receive quick and helpful service. Internally, this means that we focus on what is important and perform tasks consistently and with great determination.


means that DNA genuinely listens to its customers. Internally, this means that we value and understand both our internal and external customers. DNA’s approach is clear and responsible. DNA's employees have the ability to make difficult matters easier.


means that our customers receive bold advertising, surprises and a brisk approach to dealing with matters. Internally, this means that we are direct, open-minded and ready for change. DNA's employees are willing to try new things and stand firmly behind their decisions. Courage means always giving 100 per cent in order to complete a task.

Customer panel

We know our customers and how much they appreciate good customer service and value for money. This is why our private and corporate customers are increasingly happy with the services provided.  DNA has a customer panel, which provides invaluable information for business development.