DNA as a company

We connect you to what matters most 

We have an important task that we carry with responsibility and pride. High-quality connections and devices, digital skills and inclusion are a necessity for both consumer and corporate customers in the digital world. DNA is responsible for providing network connections and services to millions of people, and we want to do our job well.


means to our customers that DNA's service works. We focus on the essentials and consistently and determinedly carry out our tasks.


means to our customers that we genuinely listen – valuing and understanding customers and our colleagues. We act clearly and responsibly and we can make even difficult things easy.


means tackling things proactively for our customers. It also means we are direct, open-minded, and ready for change. DNA professionals dare to try new things and firmly stand behind the decisions. Most importantly, bravery means doing things wholeheartedly.

We connect you to what matters most 

DNA’s vision is to have the most satisfied customers. DNA’s key pillars support the creation of an excellent customer experience: high-quality mobile and fixed networks, motivated and customer-oriented personnel, advanced data analytics, as well as culture as a challenger, which is reflected in cost-effectiveness and agility. 

At DNA, we are experts in straightforward solutions and the use of smart and innovative technologies. Our mission is to provide products and services that make our customers’ lives easier. Technology is just a tool. Expertise, passion and the ability to harness technology to help and entertain – this is what we are all about at DNA.