Work culture

DNA's award-winning work culture is built on trust. In 2019, DNA was selected as the best workplace in Finland and one of the best workplaces in Europe in the GPTW survey. The Family Federation of Finland has granted us recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace.

We are the most family-friendly large company in Finland

"A crisis occurs in the morning and you need to take your child to kindergarten. At the same time, you need to attend a meeting that is just beginning. You speed off to the kindergarten and slightly exceed the speed limit from there to work, where you are a little late. You apologise to your colleagues for the morning and the slightly prolonged kindergarten run. At DNA, such mornings are handled through a family-friendly model, with the child taken to kindergarten and the employee attending the meeting by phone, perhaps from the yard of the kindergarten. All meeting participants consider this to be completely natural. An employee does not need to feel guilty about taking a child, one of the most important people in their lives, to kindergarten. This is a good example of how DNA's family-friendly model works."

The Family Federation of Finland has granted us recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace. The evaluation criteria for the award consisted of the outcome of a family-friendliness survey among employees, the quality and implementation of our development plan, as well as audits by the Family Federation of the practical implementation of family friendliness in various DNA offices.

For us, family friendliness consists of practical action above all else. For some, it means more time for hobbies or friends, while for others it means flexible work that takes account of the needs of families. We understand that a good work/leisure-time balance promotes wellbeing and working capacity. Flexible work, a care service for sick children, and the option of swapping holiday pay for extra days off are good examples of making it easier to combine the different aspects of life.

Flexible working means that personnel working at mobile workstations decide for themselves where they work, without separate agreement with a supervisor. Remote work is preferably done from home. Parents with young children and, similarly, employees who help ageing parents with everyday tasks, are particularly grateful for the flexible work concept. Remote care enables people to work in a manner that fits in with their life situation, even in circumstances like this.

"Flexible working hours – for example, if necessary you can take time with your child in the morning if you feel that the day has started off badly."

"Flexible working and remote work create more hours in the day."

"Flexible working is an everyday reality and there is no need to consider it separately as grandparental leave, DNA fosters soft values."

DNA supports family ties

Since 2015, DNA has been involved in the Family Friendly Workplace Programme of the Family Federation of Finland, in which the focus is on the company’s key assets, its employees. As part of this project, and as the first company in Finland to do so, DNA has introduced paid grandparental leave. Grandma or grandpa leave should be used to spend time with your family within a year of a grandchild’s birth.

Whether they concern family members or not, situations occur in life where your nearest and dearest fall sick and need help. At such times, it is a relief when work is not too bound to time or place. DNA has expanded its remote work opportunities for staff in Consumer and Corporate Customer Services, and has introduced flexible working in its Corporate Customer Services.

"The idea behind the Family Federation’s project is that everyone has a family. Family is relevant to us all, because we all have close relationships. At DNA, the idea of family covers people with whom we are in close relationships."

Support for taking care of elderly family members

At the beginning of 2020 DNA began to support its employees in caring for elderly family members. The goal of the new benefit is that DNA’s employees can delight their aging loved ones with unhurried and reliable company on a regular basis, even if they themselves cannot meet them as often as they wish.

With this employee benefit, DNA seeks to respond to the growing challenge of caring for the elderly and to make the job even more family-friendly than before. As the population ages, a larger share of the working population is in the position of a remote caregiver.

The service is produced in cooperation with Gubbe Sydänystäväpalvelut and covers a weekly two-hour visit at the customer’s home at a fixed time. The customer is always visited by the same trusted person selected for them. The person can also support the caregiver, if necessary, but Gubbe’s service is not of a medical nature. During the visit, it’s possible to, for example, spend time outdoors, go to the grocery shop, watch a movie, cook or go to a café. The activities are fully based on the customer’s wishes. The goal is to delight the customer in the same way that a visit by a good friend would.

DNA received Pro’s Equality Award for its work in promoting family friendliness

“When the personnel is doing well, the company is successful."


DNA's employee benefits of family life and leisure

A wellbeing staff that enjoys their work is our most important asset. That’s why DNA works hard to streamline employees’ everyday life and provide useful benefits.

Three-year-old on the beach with grandma – the employer pays for this

In his blog, Marko Rissanen, DNA 's Chief Human Resources Officer, explains how the idea of grandparental leave was born.

DNA taking part in Father Challenge

Isähaaste, “Father Challenge”, is challenging employers to create a father-friendlier working life. Family leaves, family-friendliness of workplaces and fathers’ participation in childcare are important topical issues.

“Our view is that fathers too should have the right to put their family first. This is why we decided to take part in the Father Challenge. DNA already has in place many family-friendly practices, but we can still become more father-friendly,” says Marko Rissanen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

According to an Aula Research survey in the spring of 2017, one out of four men aged 38–57 is experiencing difficulties is combining work and the rest of their lives. Striking a good balance between work and family is an important objective, because a father that is feeling well is motivated and productive. Father-friendliness also promotes equality between men and women in working life. 

DNA is the first and only large Finnish company that has been granted the Family Friendly Workplace recognition issued by Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. 

“I believe that our atmosphere is already pretty father-friendly, but we intend to find new ways in which we can help fathers take a bigger role in their families,” continues Rissanen.

The Father Challenge was started by Tekniikan akateemiset TEK, Siili Solutions, Knowit and Fambition, and have been joined in by Cloubi, Eatech, FläktGroup, Frantic, VALA Group and Teknologiateollisuus.

DNA's grandparental leave rewarded as the Working Life Action of the Year 2017

The paid grandparental leave launched by DNA was rewarded as the Working Life Action of the year in the 100 Actions campaign, organised by Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.