Unique families are the power source of everyday life

As an employer, DNA understands this. At DNA, family-friendliness means above all practical measures. For some, such measures allow more time with friends, while others feel that they bring flexibility into working life for the needs of children or parents.

For years, we have followed a certain philosophy: The most satisfied customers can only be achieved when the personnel is doing well. That is why we consider it important to be a genuinely family-friendly employer equally for all kinds of families.

We continue to develop our practices and strive to take our employees in varying family situations into account more and more equally. We've made family-friendly practices one of our most significant development targets.
Marko Rissanen, SVP, Human Resources

DNA recognizes its employees' unique family situations

Single or in a relationship, elderly parents, family with children, beloved pet?

There are several examples of practical family-friendly measures that are suitable for various life situations. DNA has been working in a flexible manner since 2012. This means that if your position is not tied to a place or time, you can work wherever and whenever without a separate permission from your supervisor. For those for whom this freedom is not possible on the basis of their job description, there is also a great amount of flexibility and opportunity to influence their working hours.

DNA also offers a special grandparental leave, which is a week-long paid leave intended for a grandparent to spend with their grandchild and help out with the everyday life of a family with children. Employees who became grandparents in a stepfamily or through adoption are also entitled to the leave. DNA has also made an agreement for home care service of a sick child. The service is a cost-free alternative to the parent staying at home when their child becomes ill.

DNA also takes into consideration those people whose family does not include children or grandchildren. Naturally, the flexibility and independence of work from location are equally present in daily work for everyone, regardless of family situation. Many of the company's events and well-being days are open to the families of the personnel on a wide scale – including friends or siblings, for example. Employees also have the option of swapping holiday pay for extra days off.

Employees also have access to a free-of-charge service called Auntie which offers help with tackling everyday challenges ranging from relationship issues to other challenging situations. DNA also cooperates with the Gubbe companion service, which aims to reduce the family's concern over a beloved elderly person. A typical situation is that it’s not possible for an employee to visit the elderly as often as they want or need to. DNA pays half of the cost of the service.

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We asked DNA employees for drawings of their families. The pictures tell a story about the uniqueness of family perceptions.

In 'Our family' video series, DNA employees talk about their own families and how they reconcile work and family.

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Recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace

The Family Federation of Finland has granted us recognition as a Family Friendly Workplace. The evaluation criteria for the award consisted of the outcome of a family-friendliness survey among employees, the quality and implementation of our development plan, as well as audits by the Family Federation of the practical implementation of family friendliness in various practises.

The idea behind the Family Federation’s program is that everyone has a family. Family is relevant to us all, because we all have close relationships. At DNA, the idea of family covers all the people with whom we are in close relationships. DNA has been part of the Family Friendly Workplace program since 2015. The focus of the program is on the company’s key assets, its employees.

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DNA's employee benefits of family life and leisure

A wellbeing staff that enjoys their work is our most important asset.

DNA received Pro’s Equality Award for its work in promoting family friendliness

“When the personnel is doing well, the company is successful."

Friends, pets and grandchildren are part of the family for many

More than half of working-age Finns (57%) consider it important that the employer has family-friendly practices.

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