Trust and responsibility

DNA aims to be one of the most desirable employers in Finland. The satisfaction and well-being of our personnel is one of the cornerstones of

We employ some 1,600 skilled professionals. We are committed to fostering employee well-being and providing our employees with an encouraging working environment that supports personal and career development.

DNA wants to be a great place to work, which requires a tolerant, non-discriminatory, and inclusive working culture. We have put effort into ensuring good leadership, job satisfaction and support of family ties. We have clearly been successful in this effort because DNA was ranked as the best employer in Finland in the large companies category of the 2019 Great Place to Work® survey.

Objectives and example of measures

Our objectives are:

  • Becoming one of the most desirable employers in Finland.
  • By 2022, 90% of employees will consider DNA to be a family-friendly workplace.
In February 2019, DNA was chosen as the best workplace in Finland and in June 2019, DNA ranked 13th on the Great Place to Work® survey’s list of the best employers in Europe in the category of large organisations.
We extensively develop strategic skills of our personnel.
Occupational well-being is constantly developed in various ways, such as paying attention to sufficient recovery from work.
At the end of 2019, DNA decided to implement a new kind of benefit to support employees with elderly care concerns.

New employee benefit for supporting older family members

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An increasing proportion of the working population is worried about an older family member. Concern over a loved one’s health and well-being can be great, especially if they live far away.

We help our employees look after their older relatives by offering them the opportunity to delight their loved ones with unhurried and reliable company on a regular basis. This employee benefit helps develop DNA into an even more family-friendly workplace.

The employee benefit is provided in cooperation with Gubbe Sydänystävä companionship services: DNA pays 70% of the service purchased by an employee for an elderly relative. The older relative is always visited by the same trusted person selected for them. During the visit, it is possible to do activities such as spend time outdoors or go grocery shopping. The activities are fully based on the customer’s wishes. The goal is to delight the customer in the same way that a visit by a good friend would.

“We are glad to help and delight DNA personnel. For example, an employee might feel anxious about a parent with a memory disorder who lives in another municipality, and with our service, the employer can lighten this burden,” says Sandra Lounamaa, CEO of Gubbe.

Learn more about Gubbe (in Finnish)

DNA is the best place to work!

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In 2019, DNA was chosen as the best workplace in Finland and it ranked 13th on the Great Place to Work® survey’s list of the best employers in Europe in the category of large organisations. In the evaluation, our strengths included flexibility, work-life balance, allocation of responsibility, friendly atmosphere at work, and team spirit, among other things.

Good team spirit and commitment have been highlighted year after year in DNA’s Great Place to Work® survey. Every employee’s contribution is important, and all employees also have the freedom to engage in personal development. DNA employees’ well-being at work has been found to improve when employees are genuinely able to influence their work community and the operations of the company. Employees are also encouraged to share their ideas for improving their workplace.

Prior to its win, DNA received the Great Place to Work® certificate in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, DNA placed second in the Great Place to Work® survey’s category of large organisations.

Flexible remote working also available to customer service personnel

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We want to make sure that we can offer flexibility in different situations in the life of all our employees, including our customer service personnel. DNA is a forerunner in offering all of its service centre advisors the opportunity to work remotely. Remote customer service work goes smoothly when everyone follows the same principles that enable us to ensure matters such as our customers’ information security are taken care of.

In addition to remote working, customer service work is made more flexible by the possibility to request and change shifts to fit other plans such as hobbies or studies. Our service advisors have been trained to work in all areas of customer service, allowing them to switch shifts with any of their colleagues. We have been able to meet more than 90% of requests to change customer service shifts.

Quality time with grandchildren on paid grandparental leave

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The idea of leave for grandmas and grandpas came from one of our employees. The idea was developed into paid grandparental leave, which remained a permanent practice after a successful trial.  

Since 2017, DNA has been the first company in Finland to offer a week’s paid leave for all employees who become grandparents. The leave is intended for spending time with the family. The purpose of grandparental leave is to increase equality and flexibility of working life in the later stages of our employees’ careers.

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s greatest turning points and a time when being with your family is important. Grandparental leave offers our employees the possibility to take the time to get to know their new grandchild. The help of a grandparent in looking after children and the household also supports the grandchild’s entire family after the newcomer has arrived.

Even though grandparents may be busy from morning to night during grandparental leave, our employees say that it brings strength and vitality to their lives. Time spent with a grandchild creates valuable shared memories and a strong bond with the child. These experiences improve well-being and help the grandparent cope better at work.