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CEO's review 

The CEO´s review has been published in DNA Plc's Financial Statements Bulletin 2023, which was released on 7 February 2024.

DNA's financial figures for 2023 indicate that our business has developed favourably. DNA exceeded the one billion milestone for full-year total revenues for the first time ever when year-on-year total revenues grew by 7% to EUR 1,067 million (997). EBITDA increased by 7% to EUR 390 million (364), and the operating result rose by 25% to EUR 200 million (160). The number of mobile subscriptions increased on the comparison period and stood at 2,758,000 (2,750,000), while their ARPU increased to EUR 18.2 (17.4). The number of fixed broadband subscriptions increased on the comparison period and stood at 674,000 (642,000), while their ARPU increased to EUR 16.5 (16.4). The number of fixed telephony and TV subscriptions fell as expected.

DNA’s growth as the fixed-network broadband market leader has continued, and demand for 5G services has accelerated. By the spring, DNA had already risen to second place in the Finnish mobile network subscription market. Our success is based on an excellent customer experience in high-quality networks and uncomplicated service at all stages of the customer relationship. In the autumn, DNA took the top spot for customer satisfaction among Finnish mobile operators in the EPSI Rating study. In December, we gave the media a demonstration of the capabilities of forthcoming 5.5G technology – such as download speeds of more than 10 gigabytes. The population coverage of our 5G network stood at 94% by the end of the year.

DNA won the Finnish Quality Award in November. This award is based on a thorough assessment of an organisation's operations by a group of independent experts using the international EFQM model. The assessment team praised our customer-driven approach and the successful implementation of our strategic plan in particular. Our personnel's commitment to DNA's values is reflected in our operations. So the biggest thanks for this award go to DNA personnel, who do top-quality work for our customers every day.

At DNA, we believe that employees are a company's most important asset. Humane leadership and a people-centric working environment enable better engagement, peak performance and creativity. In November, DNA achieved a second place in the People-centric Workplace Community category of Hälsa's HumanPower23 competition. Freedom, responsibility and trust are permanent aspects of DNA’s culture.

However, 2023 was overshadowed by uncertainty both in our market and the world in general. In December, the Bank of Finland announced1) that the Finnish economy was in recession and would not begin to recover until the end of 2024. High inflation eroded consumers' purchasing power during 2023 and the most common reference interest rates remained high, which has in turn led to uncertainty in DNA's economic outlook. However, lower inflation and a potential fall in interest rates will improve household purchasing power, creating opportunities for economic recovery in the medium term.

In the autumn, damage to a gas pipeline and submarine cable was reported in the Baltic Sea. These events reminded us that Finland must be prepared for external sabotage. We must remain fully operational under all circumstances. DNA has engaged in long-term, systematic efforts to safeguard both domestic and international connections. We have several mutually reinforcing sea and land connections and, if necessary, satellite connections. We have also raised preparedness level through technical and administrative means.


Jussi Tolvanen

1) Bank of Finland 19 December 2023: The Finnish economy is in recession with no clear signs of recovery. Available at: