Meaningful work done together

At DNA, we promise to give our employees the chance to do meaningful work. We also believe that the best successes are experienced together. The speed, braveness and straightforwardness of our approach ensures that we are effective in achieving our goals.

Achieving meaningful things together is also motivating.  Motivating work is pleasant to do, which reflects to our customers. DNA and its employees play an important role in the digital development of Finland.

Motivation to get things done stems from culture

Getting things done is one of the five key points of the DNA’s Employer Promise. To achieve things together, we need to make sure, that work is meaningful. Meaningfulness comes from the opportunity to see the results of your work in practice – whether it's building a modern infrastructure, successfully serving a customer, creating a new innovation that makes everyday life easier or running a creative advertising campaign. 

Meaningfulness is also created through clear goals. At DNA, we trust our people and give them the freedom to find ways to deliver. We strive to agree on the goals of different projects and initiatives together, which builds personal passion to achieve the best results.

What do DNA employees have to say about the meaningfulness of their work? Watch the videos:

Hanna-Kaisa & Oma DNA app

"I enjoy helping my team and seeing their true enthusiasm. It's great to see how we succeed together as a team. I mainly work on the Oma DNA application, which is meant to collect the most important DNA services of the customer in one place.

Having a team full of top professionals does not guarantee the best results or a great teamwork. For me, the thrill of success comes from combining and complementing the skills of top performers. That's how we get diamond results.  I am extremely lucky to work with this team. 

Oma DNA app started as a project, but we're not done yet. Everything we do is based on a good customer experience. There is still a lot to learn, and that's why I'm happy to do this work."

Anselmi & DNA's B2B Sales

"The solutions we offer at DNA can make a really big difference to a company's business. It feels good when we can work with a customer to identify their needs and find the right tools to meet them. It's the customer encounters that fascinate me in sales.

Many jobs in different sectors are based on well-working systems and connections, without which everyday life would not run smoothly. I have always valued the work of doctors, for example, and it's great that the connections and services we provide enables doctors to do their jobs. Only together, we achieve a successful outcome.

It is well known that getting and giving help is important. Encouragement and sparring together help us to solve our clients' challenges better. I get a boost in my work when a client or a team member gives me direct feedback. It develops me and brings positive energy to the work."

Jussi & Vaihtokapula brand for used phones

"It was February 2023 when the pilot project for the second-hand phone buying and selling service, Vaihtokapula, was launched. In the beginning we only received individual orders, but in less thank a year, the pilot grew into a brand. Vaihtokapula is really important to me, as I've been involved in the project from the beginning.

We have a small and close-knit team. We make all decisions by consensus and play together. I think that is what is behind our great result.

The market for new phones will never go away. But we will be able to contribute to the second-hand market through our activities and reduce overall emissions. That's a really good for the planet."

Jarkko & building of DNA's 5G network

"There has been a lot of talk about 5G in recent years. A lot of our customers need good connectivity, and this is what I'm working towards. I feel it is very important work. I work as a team leader on a 5G network project.

I like to work with others, because you rarely get the best results when you are alone. We have a really good team, where you can always get help. If something is on your mind, you dare to ask for help. I really appreciate that.

Online technology is constantly evolving and innovating. The 5G project has been going on for several years now, and there is no end in sight. Our customers need good connections. In the coming years, we may be able to start building even a 6G network."

Hae DNA:lle!

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