DNA Plc's open positions

DNA Oyj:n avoimet työpaikat


DNA is part of Telenor Group, so you will be directed to Telenor's recruitment portal when you apply to our open positions.

If you are interested in DNA's customer service jobs or sales jobs, you can find them from the menu above (in Finnish).

DNA’s CEO: “Unjustified lack of trust leads to unnecessary monitoring”

DNA’s custom of giving its employees the flexibility to work wherever and whenever it suits them, which the company adopted in 2012, has become one of its biggest success stories.

DNA's people-oriented community awarded - "People feel genuine pride"

DNA came second in the category of People-Centred Work Community in the HumanPower23 awards organised by Hälsa in November 2023. DNA received a special mention from the jury for putting its people at the heart of everything.

The office is not important.
Life is.

We have long believed that the best ideas arise where there is space to think. It's not about where you do it, it's what you do. That’s why we are excited about future ways of working, where the common goal can be reached along many different paths. 

Even though we work together, we are still individuals. Some of us are early risers, while others are at their best when the sun sets. At DNA, you can work wherever and whenever you want: in a tree house, at the library, a summer cabin, the office, or any favourite place. As long as the goals are met and we reach them together, the journey can also be made on roads less travelled. There’s no need to ask permission from your superiors. 

It's not easy, breaking the rules and accustomed ways. But we have been practicing a straightforward way of working based on trust and individual responsibility for 10 years now. What we have learned is that no one should be left alone. We need encounters and discussions, as well as acceptance of differences. Who knows where we'll find ourselves when we dare to do things differently?