DNA as a company

Who we are

In 2001, DNA was a small mobile telecommunications company who entered the market as a challenger. Through various phases, it has grown into one of Finland’s leading telecommunication corporations. The core of our mode of operation still consists of cost-effectiveness, fast movement and innovation. In accordance with our values, we are fast, bold and straightforward in all our actions.

We are inspired by the many possibilities of digitalisation. With DNA’s high-quality connections, customers can access digital services on the best mobile devices available on the market. When it comes to businesses, our key growth area is work that is independent of time and place. 

DNA employees enable success

DNA employs about 1,600 professionals, whose work is focused on customer experience in line with DNA’s strategy. Our objective is to have a dedicated and competent person in every position. In our management, we emphasise the approach of trusting the employees: instead of staring at the clock, it is the achieved work results that should be evaluated.  The sense of responsibility and freedom is a part of good atmosphere. Every employee’s contribution is important, and all employees also have the freedom for personal development. 

DNA was ranked as Finland's best place to work in 2019 in the Great Place to Work survey’s large companies category. 

Strategiamme keskiössä on asiakas: teemme asiakkaidemme arjesta mutkattomampaa, jotta jokainen voi keskittyä itselleen tärkeisiin asioihin.

Strategiset tavoitteemme

  1. Paras paikka työskennellä ja oppia

  2. Paras asiakaskokemus

  3. Markkinoita nopeampi kasvu​

  4. Vahva huolenpito ympäristöstä ja yhteiskunnasta​​

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Our most important resource is a fast, bold and highly motivated team of DNA employees.

How data flows?

We at DNA build and maintain high quality and fast networks.