Digi and data jobs

There are many opportunities to work with DNA's digital services and data. What all work tasks have in common is continuous development, agility and an effort to create a more uncomplicated daily life for customers.

The coordinator of online service development, Niko, flips the point of view to the customer – “Variety and rush make things exciting”

“Our work is really fast and agile. We’re able to keep abreast of market changes and, if need be, change our plans and make decisions quickly,” says Lead Product Owner Niko Liukkonen.

“I also like the fact that we’re not rigid. My colleagues are laid back, real characters and highly competent. It’s astonishing how they keep finding such awesome people to work for us!”

Niko’s role comprises the overall coordination of DNA’s online service development. As his latest personal project, Niko has been working on the My DNA mobile app. The basic idea behind the app is making customers’ lives less complicated.

When developing the app, the team first used service design to research whether there was demand for an operator-provided mobile app and what it should include.

“For me, making our customers’ lives less complicated means that our customers should be able to easily do all things related to our services. It always requires design work and talking to our customers about their needs and requirements.”

Niko finds meaning in having a say regarding the packages visible to customers. There’s nothing better than hearing that you have managed to create something that people like, such as a service.

“I reckon the employer listens to us employees very well. You have the freedom to make suggestions and, if need be, discuss and influence things that are not restricted to your role,” Niko ponders.

A good example of this is how other teams respond to requests for help. In Niko’s view, the collaboration has helped create better services. Besides, it’s always more fun to work together with others.

Tanja, an analyst, talks passionately of variety and freedom – “I get to influence my daily work”

Variety and the opportunity to develop her job description according to her personal interests in addition to clear areas of responsibility were what attracted analyst Tanja Kemppainen to DNA.

“Here, I get the opportunity to work with network and application analytics, in addition to which I get to see how things work in customer and sales analytics. What makes this work especially interesting is how data and analytics can be combined when a customer uses several different channels,” says Tanja.

In practice, Tanja analyses the way customers use websites or applications, which products they buy and how as well as the way they navigate. The work entails ongoing development of the customer experience as well as sales support.

Tanja appreciates the freedom afforded by the culture at the workplace. For instance, you can go for a run in the middle of your remote workday, plus you have a say in the tools, software and analyses you use for work and how they are implemented.

“Everyone involved in projects is treated with respect and listened to as a specialist of their field. I get to have a say in how my upcoming work weeks will look and what type of analytics I’ll be working with,” says Tanja.

Lead Data Scientist Ezgi finds appreciation of his work important – “It’s easier and more fun to work for a data-driven company”

Ultimately, Lead Data Scientist Ezgi Ozan, who started at DNA in the spring, was convinced that he was in the right place when he met his new teammates.

That’s when he realised that everyone was on the same page about the direction things should be taken to and what the expectations for the other team members were.

“Data and data analysis play an important role in DNA’s operations. I can really see how much my work is appreciated when a model I have created enters production or a forecast is taken into account in decision-making, which is to say, when the fruit of my labour is actually put to good use by other people,” says Ezgi.

Ezgi works as a sort of internal consultant, assisting other teams. If required, he will fix or build various kinds of machine learning or AI models.

The models are linked to, e.g. recommendations on DNA TV or website user experience. Together with his team, Ezgi tries to predict the types of issues customers may encounter and whether it is possible to prevent them.

Because DNA is an operator, its data is extremely sensitive.

“That’s why it’s important that we respect the privacy of our customers and remember that we’re collecting data solely to improve the customer experience,” says Ezgi.

When it comes to the corporate culture, Ezgi has noticed a built-in passion for self-development, taking responsibility and personal contribution.

“If I try to solve a problem on my own, my colleagues are only too happy to help. It is also helpful with projects that everyone has a pretty realistic idea of what we’re doing and what is possible in terms of data. That enables us to introduce our own solutions.”

Ezgi also appreciates DNA’s well-organized opportunities for working remotely and family-friendliness that make daily life easier.

Suvi improves customer experience by means of growth hacking – “It’s the corporate culture and opportunities that attract you”

Last spring, growth hacker Suvi Keinänen got excited when she spotted an interesting role at DNA: Online Growth Manager. She could not let the chance to have systematic growth hacking as her job description slip through her fingers.

“We run different experiments aimed at improving our digital operations. That can include, for instance, an A/B text or newsletter for a website or advertising use. We develop the customer experience based on the feedback and lessons learned from the experiments,” says Suvi.

The team is also constantly striving to improve its ways of working.

“To give an example, we might test a new method for a couple of weeks, then gather feedback and think on the next steps to take. There’s no chance of us remaining static. On the contrary, we are boldly developing a new working culture and new working methods.”

Suvi's multi-talented consumer business team boasts both creatives and advertising, customer marketing, business, production and business analysis professionals.

“Our work environment is best characterised by the word ‘learning’. We are constantly learning, not just from our own work but of that of our colleagues, too. This enables us to operate, even if we don’t have an expert of each field in our ranks,” says Suvi.

As a new DNA employee, Suvi finds the corporate culture fascinating and the opportunities tasty.

“We have lots of career pros whose ways of thinking are enriched by fresh perspectives from the outside. This makes for a fascinating concoction. I would like welcome everyone to join us!”

These articles were written based on Duunitori’s interviews implemented in commercial collaboration with DNA.