Family friendly workplace

DNA was the first large company in Finland to be recognised as a Family-Friendly Workplace by the Family Federation of Finland. We understand that flexible balancing of work and leisure promotes well-being and working capacity. The flexible work model, a care service for sick children, and the option of swapping holiday pay for extra days off are good examples of how we make it easier to balance different aspects of life.

Our unique grandparental leave model entitles all DNA employees who become grandparents to one week’s paid leave to spend time with their family. At DNA, we also consider father-friendliness to be important. One way to show this was taking part in the Father Challenge that tackled the work/family balance of fathers.  

At the moment, 86% of DNA employees consider DNA to be a family-friendly workplace. Our goal is to raise the figure to 90% by 2022.

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DNA received Pro’s Equality Award for its work in promoting family friendliness

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