We care about our employees

We promote the health and well-being of DNA employees through a number of means, such as paying attention to health and safety at work, providing access to a high-quality occupational health scheme that goes beyond the regulatory obligations and ensuring continuous professional development.

Each DNA employee has the right to a safe and non-discriminatory working environment that fosters well-being. Different aspects of diversity, such as inclusiveness and commitment, equality and leveraging different types of skill sets, are a significant part of DNA’s everyday working and leadership practices. At DNA, everyone is allowed to be themselves.

Our shared values of being fast, straightforward and brave can be seen in our work culture. Working at DNA is based on fairness, and appreciation and respect for others. DNA’s ethical principles guide the everyday work of every DNA employee.

Flexible work makes the lives of DNA employees uncomplicated

All DNA employees either use the flexible work model or have the opportunity to work remotely. At DNA, flexible working is not an incentive for remote work, but encourages employees to choose the environment that works the best for them.

Our successful flexible work model is based on flexibility and trust. Employees using mobile workstations decide independently where they work, without the need to first discuss this with their supervisor.

All DNA employees, including our customer service advisors, have the opportunity to work remotely. We are committed to ensuring that we can also offer flexibility to customer service personnel through means such as making it possible to change work shifts.

A flexible work environment enables us to be innovative in versatile and responsible ways. The possibility to work flexibly has been reflected in the positive development of employee satisfaction, as measured by our surveys, and reduced levels of emissions from work-related travel. Parents with young children and DNA employees who help ageing parents with everyday tasks, are particularly grateful for the flexible work concept.