Preparing for electricity distribution disturbances

Communication networks require electricity to operate, so if electricity distribution disturbances occur, they would also be reflected in them. DNA has ensured that its mobile networks are prepared in accordance with regulations.

If a disturbance in the electrical network cuts off the connections

If the working of equipment at home or at a business is disrupted because of electricity disturbances, the first thing to do is to find out what your own electricity company has informed about the situation. When the power cut is over, you must ensure that the equipment is connected to power and if necessary, switch the equipment on again.

As a rule, customers do not need to contact DNA customer service because of a power cut. Changes in the working of connections monitored by DNA are automatically detected at DNA and necessary steps to restore connections are taken without customer contacts. The same applies to devices of corporate customers, which are monitored by DNA

Please note! The recovery of equipment from a power outages can may take a little while. Device and connection specific recovery time depends on the scale of the interruption.

Effects on DNA's services

Communication networks require electricity in order to work, so possible disruptions to electricity distribution would reflect also on them. DNA's networks and their power supply in Finland have been built in accordance with laws and regulations.

During a two-hour blackout the basic services of DNA mobile network, that is telephone calls and text messages, would work normally. In the power cut area data connections in the fixed network may not work at all and in the mobile network, regional service level may diminish significantly, or data connections may be cut off completely. The effects on mobile network may also occur in areas surrounding the power cut area. When electricity supply is restored also data services revert to normal.

The required back-up time of back-up power supply varies from 15 minutes to 12 hours depending on the priority classification of communications networks and services. Electricity supply for critical functions has been secured for several days with the help of stand-by generators. In normal circumstances power cuts and disruptions are very short lasting less than 15 minutes. Internationally, provisioning for disruptions in power supply to communications networks is exceptionally good in Finland.

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