The cornerstone of DNA’s strategy is customer satisfaction

Our strategy places great emphasis on the customer, and the key objective in its implementation is customer satisfaction. We have placed special emphasis on improved customer satisfaction for several years now – with great results.

DNA’s vision and mission are to have the most satisfied customers. We want to make our customers’ lives more inspiring, productive and entertaining. We provide connections, services and devices – in a clear, easy and cost-effective manner. Our business strategy is divided into consumer and corporate businesses.

Our strategic goals are as follows:

  • The most satisfied consumer and corporate customers
  • Industry-leading financial development
  • Faster than average market growth
  • Becoming one of the most desired employers in Finland.

One of DNA’s strategic goals is the most satisfied corporate and consumer customers. Long-term, satisfied and thus loyal customers are also the key to the achievement of DNA’s other strategic goals. Every encounter with the customer is important. Attractive offering that is updated according to customers’ needs, interesting service packages, providing a straightforward shopping experience in different channels, and fast and high-quality customer support are of key importance.

It is our aim that DNA’s customers always receive genuine, high-quality service in all our customer service and sales channels and other encounters. DNA’s attractive offering expands and adapts to the needs of consumer and corporate customers. We will continue to invest in our network infrastructure to build a foundation for the growing use of subscriptions, devices and online services in the future.

We will also focus on improving our profitability, and our strategic goals include industry-leading financial development, which we measure on the annual level by the relative development of free cash flow compared with our competitors, and faster than average market growth, which we measure by the relative development of net sales compared with our competitors. DNA places constant emphasis on actions aimed at improving profitability: large IT development projects are underway to improve efficiency, cost competitiveness is continuously improved, operational efficiency is increased, and procurement savings are made. Our strengths also include speed and cost-effectiveness: we operate in a more agile and cost-effective manner than our competitors, and we make changes boldly, even large ones.

In addition to focusing strongly on customer satisfaction and developing more traditional business operations where we are already doing well, we also focus on identifying new opportunities. The telecommunications industry is developing rapidly, and new online services keep entering the market. DNA collaborates constantly with growth companies and forms partnerships boldly with new players to launch new innovative services.

Our fourth strategic goal is to make DNA a great place to work. DNA's employee satisfaction is already at a high level, and the Great Place to Work survey of 2015 showed a significant increase in job satisfaction. Our competitiveness is based on a team of top experts, where each position is held by a dedicated and competent person.