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Share repurchases

DNA's Board of Directors decided on 18 May 2017 to use the authorisation given by the Annual General Meeting held on 22 March 2017 to acquire DNA's shares and initiate a share repurchase programme. The repurchase of shares is carried out in order to fulfil obligations pertaining to the company's share-based incentive schemes. At the beginning of repurchase programme, company had no own shares.

The number of repurchased shares may not exceed 25 per cent of the average daily volume of trade in DNA's shares. The average daily volume is based on the average daily volume of the month preceding the publication of the programme, which was 18 May 2017. The company's own shares are repurchased in proportions not corresponding to the shareholders' holdings, using the company's unrestricted shareholders' equity. The shares will be purchased at the market price prevailing on the day of the repurchase on the regulated market organised by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Repurchases 2017
Programme execution During 1 June 2017 – 14 September 2017
Authorization, no of shares 2,500,500
Authorization, % of shares 1.89%
No of shares repurchased 967,897 shares
% of shares (maximum amount) 0.73% 
Money used for repurchase, EUR million 14.0
Holding of own shares, at the authorization time 0
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