Your data is safe with us

The protection of personal data and privacy is of paramount importance to DNA. We take care of data security by using state-of-the-art methods and equipment for data protection. In our newsroom and by means of customer newsletters, we keep our customers informed about our measures regarding data security.

We understand that data privacy is at the top of many of our customers’ minds and that is why we have published the top six questions and answers concerning privacy.

Find out more in our data protection statement on how we take care of:

  • the practices we use at DNA to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of communications of our customers, users of our services and other data subjects
  • what personal and other data we collect
  • how and on what basis we process this data
  • what affects the retention period of data and to whom DNA may disclose personal data and
  • the rights of the data subject.

Taking care of privacy is modern everyday

Everyone using digital services needs to know the basics of data privacy. At DNA, we are happy to tell you how to manage your personal data and the data that accumulates about your own service-using habits. We are also happy to give practical tips on how to recognise and avoid attempts at phishing. 

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The personal data that DNA collects

We are happy to tell you what data we collect about you, the purposes for which we use it, and how you can manage this data. 

Customer communication and marketing policy

We want our services to customers to be as versatile and personalised as possible.


A cookie is a small numerical text file, an anonymous identifier that collects information about, for example, how, when and with which browser our services are used, which product highlights the user has clicked, and what is the operating system of the user’s device. 

Data security of household devices

Securing home's own wireless network and the strong, unique and regularly changing passwords are crucial when it comes to keeping the network users' data safe. In a modern home, for example a smart TV and a robot vacuum cleaner, as well as other smart devices may be connected to the household's wirless network and therefore be regarded as home's network users.  

Home's modems

The modems delivered by DNA have password request on by default, and we recommend that the customer keeps it that way. We also recommend that the customer changes the password regurarly. 

The modem's WiFi-network is secured by default, and we recommend that the customer doesn't change that. Other highly recommended features concern the firewall on and the remote control: The firewall is by default on in DNA's modems, and we recommend the customer keeps it that way. The remote control is by default off, and we recommend the customer keep also that that way. 

Privacy of a business customer and a user of a business service 

The data of business customers are collected for example to deliver and maintain DNA's services to the company.  A user of business services is the person, that the business customer has named as a user of the services delivered by DNA. DNA collects from the users the data that is announced to DNA by the business customer. This data can include for example information about whether the user is a person to contact from DNA.