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Customer communications and marketing policy

We want our services to customers to be as versatile and personalised as possible. This includes our electronic customer service channels. We send direct marketing and customer communications through means such as emails and text messages.

As a rule, we send electronic direct marketing messages to consumers on the basis of consent. Electronic direct marketing may also be sent without consent to an address provided at the time of sale when marketing similar products and services. 

In the case of contact persons and decision-makers of corporate customers, DNA may deliver electronic direct marketing on the basis of legitimate interest without the recipient’s prior consent.

Not all electronic communication is direct marketing. DNA also sends emails and text messages for purposes of communicating with customers, including delivering service messages related to a product.  

What kinds of messages will DNA send me if I consent to electronic marketing?

DNA carries out electronic marketing through channels such as emails and text messages and by personalising messages in the online service. To us, marketing also means better customer service. Examples:

  • When a customer purchases a new service, we send quickstart guides and other tips on how to use the service.
  • If a new, improved version of a product or service is released, we want to offer our customers the option to upgrade to the new and better version.
  • If there are useful add-on services available for a product, we want to recommend them to our customers.
  • We want to reach our customers to tell about multi-subscription discounts and other customer perks and deals that benefit the customer.
What kinds of electronic messages will I receive if I don’t consent to electronic marketing?

We will send you messages and announcements related to your subscription. This includes information about changes to a service and new features, service disruptions and incidents, maintenance services, accessories, new payment methods, etc. In addition, DNA may send electronic direct marketing messages to contact persons and decision-makers of corporate customers on the basis of legitimate interest.

How often will DNA send me electronic messages?

We send an average of two to four (2-4) emails per month. Depending on the situation, however, we may send more frequent messages, such as when you are getting started with a new service. The maximum number of marketing-related messages is two (2) per week. We send text messages less often, on average once every two months. 

Can I withdraw my consent to marketing?

With your consent to electronic marketing, we can provide more versatile and personalised customer service. You can unsubscribe from marketing messages at any time by notifying DNA using the link in the email or through our self-service channel or customer service. As a corporate client, you can opt out of marketing from the link in the email or through DNA Corporate Customer Services. Even if you opt out of marketing, you can still receive bills and messages and announcements related to the service in your email. You cannot opt out of these messages as DNA has a legal obligation to notify you of significant changes in a service you use or in its terms and conditions, for example.