Dare to be unique

We want to encourage everyone to be their brilliant selves! At DNA, we also have a large team of unique experts passionate about understanding each customer's unique needs.

Podcast for humane leadership

The Human Leadership DNA podcast (in Finnish) brings together top experts to discuss the impact and significance of good leadership - now and in the future. A new episode of the six-part podcast series is released every Monday on Spotify and other popular podcast platforms.

DNA as a workplace

We understand that the most satisfied customers and the best results come from the hands of our employees. Employees deserve a workplace where they are respected and their desires are heard. Individuality, family-friendliness, continuous development, simplicity, and accomplishment are evident in our everyday life.

What does digital life look like in 2024?

DNA's Digital Life study explores what Finnish people's digital everyday life looks like, how digital services are used, and how digital equality is experienced.

Unplug and connect

Shared phone-free moments are valuable, as being present together is rewarding, strengthens the sense of belonging, and increases trust among family members.

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DNA Plc’s Business Review for January-March 2024

Total revenues, EBITDA and operating result improved.

For media

From DNA's news room you can find latest news and image gallery.

Sustainability at DNA

We want to ensure that we act with sustainability at heart right from our employees to our suppliers.