What are good information security skills made of?

Call, click, browse and download safely – we are working constantly to ensure your information security. Your help is also needed for your information security. 

Unplug and connect

Shared phone-free moments are valuable, as being present together is rewarding, strengthens the sense of belonging, and increases trust among family members.

DNA as a workplace

The way we think, feel and act is humane. With us you have the freedom to shine as you are, together with others. Together we achieve meaningful things in line with our values: in a fast, brave and straightforward way.

DNA’s awards and certificates

DNA is a certified high-quality and award-winning partner. We are happy about and grateful for the recognitions we have received.

DNA's Financial Statements Bulletin 2023

Total revenues, EBITDA and operating result improved.

One-of-a-kind and equal DNA

To develop our culture, understand our customers, and create even better services, we want to bravely highlight our diversity.

For media

From DNA's news room you can find latest news and image gallery.