Our charity targets are naturally linked to DNA's business operations, values and brand.

Cooperation according to DNA's values and brand

Our charity targets are naturally linked to DNA's business operations, values and brand. Our goal is to consider carefully and request that our cooperation partners act responsibly. We aim at long-term and successful cooperation with our selected targets.

DNA and HundrED

The aim of HundrED is to help Finland to remain a model country in teaching even in the future. The project will culminate in one hundred concrete experiments carried out in Finnish schools during the school year 2016-2017. HundrED is also a part of Finland's 100th anniversary celebrations of 2017. DNA is the main partner of HundrED.

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DNA is the main partner of SOS Children's Village

Sometimes parents are unable to care for their children alone, or children are at risk of losing their parents' care. SOS Children's Village helps these children. As the main sponsor, we at DNA support the operations of children's villages in many different ways both financially and by means of data communications connections.

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DNA supports the reconciliation of work and family life

Mothers in Business empowers mothers to reconcile career and family, to search for their vocation and to make bold decisions in working life based on their own and their families’ needs. DNA is the first national partner of the association and supports MIB for instance by providing the Meeting Space tool to facilitate the organisation of the association’s teleconferences.

Grants for continuing children’s soccer hobby

As a company, DNA wishes to be involved in supporting the well-being of children and the youth. Through cooperation with the soccer club Valtti, we support the opportunities of children of limited means for continuing a hobby that is close to their heart.

Sponsoring principles

Sponsoring generally refers to commercial cooperation between partners that have a similar way of thinking and similar values and that want to address the same target group, through similar means. In order for cooperation to meet the targets set for it, the actions taken must strengthen the image and meet the expectations of both parties. Achieving this will also arouse interest among the target group and customers, who will then adopt the content – to share it and to disclose it to others.

Sponsoring strengthens DNA’s brand

The aim of sponsoring is to promote the growth and development of DNA’s business and to support the goals of marketing. Sponsoring always means an opportunity to be seen in connection with an organisation, person or event, based on an agreement. However, sponsoring does not mean merely visibility for the logo, but the agreement must also include other elements. A sponsoring agreement must, for example, authorise the sponsor to build its own story (utilisation for instance in marketing communications and content marketing).

The following principles are always applied to sponsoring:

  • All offers are processed in an appropriate manner and answered in writing
  • Cooperation always requires a legally binding agreement
  • DNA must be the main sponsor or one of them
  • As a rule, DNA does not sponsor targets whose sponsors include other players of the same industry
  • The partner must be able to indicate for which purpose the support paid by DNA is used.

What sponsoring is not at DNA

Generally speaking, it can be said the DNA does not sponsor targets that involve a significant risk to its reputation, e.g. from financial, social or environmental responsibility perspective.

Sponsoring does not mean:

  • Handouts or charity
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Individual advertisements on players’ kits or in sports halls
  • A tool for countertrade

Countertrade is contrary to fair business principles and is not part of the operating model of DNA employees.

DNA does not sponsor:

  • High-risk activities (such as martial arts): activities involving a clear risk of a participant or a spectator being disabled through violence.
  • Party political or religious operations: DNA will not take part in cooperation that can be considered a party political or religious statement.
  • In addition, sponsoring must be carefully considered in the following cases: sports that have involved several doping cases, vandalism, violence or glorification of violence.
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