Environmental performance

DNA considers it important to recognise the environmental impacts and risks of its business, and to operate according to the principles of sustainable development.

DNA signs up to Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development

DNA has signed up to Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, under which we undertake to reduce the climate impacts of our operations. As a Finnish telecommunications group, we want to assume responsibility for reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency.

DNA has calculated its greenhouse gas emissions for several years now. The results show that a large part of the greenhouse gas emissions originate in production, i.e. the power consumption of DNA’s radio network and transfer equipment and the maintenance of related equipment facilities.

The constantly growing data transmission requires more equipment, which will, in turn, lead to an increase in energy consumption. On the other hand, the 4G network will reduce the energy consumption in proportion to data volumes through the outstanding technical performance of LTE.

The various players signing up to Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, an initiative falling under the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s Office, undertake to promote sustainable development in their work and operations. Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development is part of Finland’s efforts to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is also a long-term objective for the future of Finland. 

DNA's objective is to reduce energy indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 2) by 100% by 2023 from the level reported in 2014. This objective will be achieved by increasing the use of renewable energy and by developing the energy efficiency of DNA's networks.