DNA wants to make customers’ lives more inspiring, productive and entertaining.


Our objective is the most satisfied customers

DNA wants to make customers’ lives more inspiring, productive and entertaining. DNA considers it important to offer connections, services and devices clearly, cost-effectively and easily to both business and consumer customers. This is particularly important in today’s world, where the variety of services and mobile devices on offer can be daunting.

We value our customer interface functions, sales and customer service, carried out on the phone, in retail outlets and electronically. We want to listen to our customers. Customer satisfaction is based on a strong investment in improving our customer service, providing a fast network, and ensuring high-quality voice, data and television services using the latest technology.

We offer our customers products and services that employ advanced technologies and are safe to use.

Using mobile devices is safe

As a telecommunications operator, our duty is to offer important communication connections and maintain and develop the infrastructure that is critical for society. There is great demand for our solutions, such as mobile communications and broadband services, and their use has increased significantly in recent years in Finland. We wish to maintain and develop our networks so that all Finns can benefit from high-quality connections.

In Finland, the use of mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, is among the greatest in the world in proportion to the size of the population. A mobile device also requires base stations and other related devices for its operations. Some may be concerned about the health effects of the radio frequency fields (RF fields) of mobile devices and their base stations.

There has been plenty of research on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and base stations. In the research that has been carried out no harmful health effects due to radiation have been detected. Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK) has issued specific safety limits on the electromagnetic fields of mobile devices and base stations that DNA will consider carefully when planning and implementing mobile networks.  Authorities (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) supervise the safety of networks carefully.

Frequently asked questions

Further information: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland