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Illegal online material

Internet operators provide their customers with mobile and fixed-network broadband services that may be misused for criminal activities, such as the distribution of material related to violence or the sexual abuse of children.

DNA restricts access to illegal websites that depict violence or the sexual abuse of children in its network in cooperation with the National Bureau of Investigation. The restriction is imposed in accordance with the procedure and restriction list decided by the National Bureau of Investigation.

For questions related to the maintenance of the restriction list, please contact the National Bureau of Investigation:

Report via Nettivihje

Nettivihje is an online tip service that anyone may use to report illegal activities related to the sexual abuse of children on the web. Illegal activities include, for example, sexually explicit pictures and videos depicting underaged children or young people. All information on illegal material or activities related to Finland will be passed on from Nettivihje to Finnish authorities for evaluation and possible further action.

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