We make our customers’ lives less complicated, enabling everyone to concentrate on what matters to them. We provide connections, services and devices to home and work and enable the digitalization of the society.

Good communications connections and devices are preconditions of digital inclusion

Voice and data communications have become a necessity for people and the society at large: it is difficult to manage without good connections. However, consumers may find the product, service and solution offering of the telecommunications sector very complex and even difficult to understand. Nor does everyone in Finland have the devices or skills required in today’s digital society. For some, inclusion may be difficult because of a physical barrier or handicap.

We want to contribute to the promotion of digital inclusion in Finland. To this end, DNA places special emphasis on high-quality comprehensive networks, fast connections, clear and understandable products and services and excellent customer service. 

We value our customer interface functions, sales and customer service, carried out on the phone, in retail outlets and electronically. We want to listen to our customers.

We offer our customers products and services that employ advanced technologies and are safe to use.