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Please find here DNA's data protection statement, how DNA collects and processess data, and other important information about privacy.   

DNA TV App Privacy Statement


This document explains the principles and practices that apply to the DNA TV application and that DNA will follow in order to ensure the protection of customers’ privacy, the confidentiality of communication, and legal protection. DNA will automatically collect and process information related to the order and use of the service according to this data protection practice when the customer orders the DNA TV subscription or the DNA TV application, or when the customer installs a software for the DNA TV application on his or her terminal device. The processing of personal data is based on a pertinent relation, that is a contract between the customer and DNA, information received in connection with using the service or registration, or a consent from the customer. DNA will update this data protection practice in the course of its operation and the development of the DNA TV application, and DNA encourages customers to check the latest data protection practice regularly.

Collecting and using information

DNA will process information related to the customer and service. This information will be collected by different methods.  For example, when the customer enters information on DNA’s website and uses the service, DNA collects the following information: name, address, telephone number, email address, direct marketing prohibition or consent, information related to the order, delivery, contract and invoicing, age, date of birth, place of residence, and other information that can be saved and linked to the customer. DNA will use this personal information in, for example, the of handling registrations, orders and payments and in customer contacts. Personal information may be collected and updated also from information received from other sources, such as the Finnish Population Information System, Itella Corporation’s register, the prohibition registry maintained by the Finnish Direct Marketing Association and other similar public registers.

When the customer uses the DNA TV application, DNA will monitor and collect information on the use of the service. This information includes, for example, the date, time and IP address of the service use, payment history data, what content is watched via the service, information on the performance of the network and the terminal device, identifying device information (such as a device code), operating system, selected language, and the version of the DNA TV application used.

DNA uses this information, for example, for the following purposes: (a) to ensure the operation and maintenance of the DNA TV application and to provide the customer with the products and services he or she has ordered in relation to the DNA TV subscription or application, and (b) to develop new products, services and service offering for customers. The information will also be used for invoicing, monitoring and collecting receivables, and for preventing and investigating any misuse (c) to manage the customer relationship, to develop the DNA TV subscription or application to meet the customer’s interests and to be able to offer the customer general or customised offers related to the DNA TV subscription or application, (d) to answer questions and wishes received by the customer service quickly and efficiently, (e) to analyse and compile statistics on the use of the service, and (f) to protect such content in the DNA TV subscription or application that is subject to copyrights.

Disclosing personal information

DNA may disclose information to third parties within the scope of the relevant legislation. A part of the service may include the right to view content via the Internet. In such cases and to the extent necessary for providing the service, DNA may disclose the customer’s identification data needed to verify the right to view the programme content to the third party providing the content or a part of it. This information may be e.g. e-mail address and/or postal code.

DNA may use subcontractors in data processing, and due to the technical arrangements required for data processing, DNA’s subcontractors may hold part of the data, or data may be processed otherwise via a technical connection. If DNA processes data outside the EU and the EEA, DNA will continue to maintain the appropriate level of data protection in accordance with the applicable Finnish legislation. Information may be used for marketing by DNA and companies belonging to the same Group and DNA’s partners and subcontractors, such as electronic marketing or direct marketing, and for targeting marketing, such as electronic direct marketing and other direct marketing, market research and marketing competitions.


DNA will ensure the information security of the DNA TV application by applying various procedures in appropriate relation to the severity of the threats, the technical development level and costs. Administration connections to servers and purchase events and the transfer of customer information in connection with invoicing material are implemented using secure connections. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that any information security system is completely secure or flawless. The customer must personally ensure his or her information security in an appropriate manner, such as by using the terminal devices in a careful manner and monitoring their use, and ensuring that up-to-date antivirus and firewall services and operating systems are used.

If the customer uses passwords, personal ID or other special identifiers in the DNA TV application, the customer is responsible for the protection of such information. DNA will provide information on procedures related to the data security of the service and other factors related to data security in an appropriate manner and whenever possible on its website or by customer bulletins, for example. The data is saved in databases that are protected by firewalls and other technical means. Databases are located in locked and guarded premises, and information can only be accessed by predefined named persons. All DNA staff and persons representing DNA are required to maintain confidentiality regarding all customer data.

The use of the register is protected by user-specific usernames, passwords and access rights. Upon the termination of the customer relationship, data will be deleted from the register as soon as it is no longer required for processing, but no later than by the final date prescribed under the legislation.

Inspection and access rights

The customer has the right to request that any incorrect information is rectified. Information will be rectified according to a registered notification without delay. The customer has the right to access any personal data on him or her that has been saved in the registry.

See here for instructions (in Finnish) on how to submit a request to access the data. Please note that we ask you to verify your identity before we can act on your request or complaint.


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You can also contact DNA's Data Protection Officer through the address above.
The supervisory authority for data protection matters is the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman