Your data is safe with us

Please find here DNA's data protection statement, how DNA collects and processess data, and other important information about privacy.   

DNA’s data protection statement

Updated on 1 February 2021. See here what has changed.

Data protection has always been a key part of our operations, and the protection of personal data and privacy is of paramount importance to us. We process personal and communication data on a daily basis and want to be worthy of the trust of our customers. We comply with the legislation in force in Finland and the guidelines issued by the authorities.

DNA processes personal data for a variety of reasons. In this statement, we explain how we process the personal data of current and potential customers, users of services, invoice payers, participants in sweepstakes, contests and opinion and market surveys, those contacting our customer service, business contacts, employees of our corporate customers, responsible persons and persons with authorisation to sign.

In this data protection statement, we explain e.g. the following:

  • the practices we use at DNA to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of communications of our customers, users of our services and other data subjects;
  • what personal and other data we collect,
  • how and on what basis we process this data,
  • what affects the retention period of data and to whom DNA may disclose personal data, and
  • the rights of the data subject.

The data protection policy does not apply to services or websites provided by other companies, even if access to these services is through DNA’s services.


Why is personal data collected?

We use personal data primarily for the technical implementation of our services and for managing the customer relationship, such as invoicing. We also collect data to improve customer experience and further enhance our services. At the same time, we also target services to meet the individual preferences of our customers and service users.


What data does DNA collect and how?

Personal data is collected by us in many different ways. For example, data is stored in connection with contracts, competitions, campaigns or surveys. DNA can also examine customer satisfaction regarding the service the customers received by sending a customer satisfaction survey by, for example, a text message or email, by calling or conducting a study or survey online. Personal data is also stored when a service is deployed and registered for, when services are used, when a person communicates with our customer service, visits DNA's website or subscribes to DNA's newsletter.


What rights does the data subject have?

Data subjects may exercise the rights listed below by contacting our customer service. The request must be sufficiently specified. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and DNA must verify the identity of the data subject before carrying out the request. We will inform you if we cannot fulfil the request in all respects, such as erase data that we have a statutory obligation to store.



Transfers and disclosures of personal data and criteria for determining retention period

Our personnel and subcontractors are bound by professional secrecy and are prohibited from using confidential information. Personal and traffic data are processed only by those designated DNA employees or individuals working on behalf of DNA who are required to do so for the performance of their duties. Persons who have been entitled to process the data may do so only to the extent necessary for the performance of individual tasks.

How is data protection and privacy ensured?

We value the privacy of all data subjects. DNA provides services in an industry where information systems and data protection are an integral part of our operations. For this reason, we ensure that our information security is always at a high level. Personal data is processed only by designated employees bound by professional secrecy. Data is always processed confidentially.


Data controller: DNA Plc, Business ID: 0592509-6, P.O. Box 10, FI-01044 DNA (street address Läkkisepäntie 21, FI-00620 Helsinki)

DNA Plc (on its own behalf and on behalf of its subsidiaries) is responsible for the processing of the personal data it collects. DNA has also appointed a Data Protection Officer. You can also contact DNA's Data Protection Officer through the address above. If you have any questions about the data protection statement or the processing of your personal data or you wish to exercise your rights under data protection legislation, contact us by mail at the above address or by email at

For instructions on how to make an access request, visit the “If you want to know what data is collected about you, how to proceed?" section under Explore data protection . Please note that we ask you to verify your identity before we can act on your request or complaint. We may also ask you for more information to target your request to the correct register.

If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, you can also contact the data protection authority.