Your data is safe with us

The protection of personal data and privacy is of paramount importance to DNA. We take care about the data security by using state-of-the-art methods and equipment of data protection. On our newsroom and with customer newsletters we keep our customers informed about our measures regarding data security.

We understand that data privacy is on the top of mind of many of our customers and thats why we have published the top 6 questions and answers on privacy.

Find out more on our data protection statement on how we take care of:

  • the practices we use at DNA to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of communications of our customers, users of our services and other data subjects;
  • what personal and other data we collect,
  • how and on what basis we process this data,
  • what affects the retention period of data and to whom DNA may disclose personal data, and
  • the rights of the data subject.