Formulas for calculating key figures

Equity per share (EUR) = Equity attributable to equity holders of the parent company
Outstanding shares at the end of the period
Interest bearing net debt (EUR) = Long-term and short-term borrowings – liquid assets
Net gearing, % = Long-term and short-term borrowings – liquid assets
Total equity
Equity ratio, % = Equity
Total assets – advances received
EBITDA (EUR) = Operating result + depreciation and impairment charges
Return on investment (ROI), %* = Profit before tax + interest and other financial expenses
Total equity + long-term and short-term borrowings

Return on equity (ROE), %

= Profit for the financial period
Total equity (average during the year)
Interest bearing net debt/EBITDA* = Interest bearing net debt
Operating result + depreciation and impairment charges
Comparable EBITDA (EUR) = EBITDA excluding items affecting comparability
Comparable operating result, EBIT (EUR) = Operating result, EBIT excluding items affecting comparability
Items affecting comparability = Items affecting comparability being material items outside ordinary course of business such as net gain or losses from business disposals, direct transaction costs related to business acquisitions, write-off of non-current assets, costs for closure of business operations and restructurings, fines or other similar payments, damages as well as costs related to a one time study on the Company's strategic alternatives to grow its shareholder base and costs related to the strategic assessment work of the Board of Directors.
Cashflow after investing activities (EUR) = Net cash generated from operating activities + net cash used in investing activities
Capital expenditure (EUR) = Capital expenditure comprise additions to property, plant and equipment and intangible assets excluding business acquisitions, gross acquisition cost of spectrum license and additions through finance leases and asset retirement obligations and including annual cash instalments for the spectrum license.
Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) = Comparable EBITDA – total capital expenditure excluding the annual cash instalment for spectrum licenses - change in net working capital including an adjustment between operative capex and cash-based capex in order to present FCFE on a cash basis, however excluding cash instalments for spectrum licenses and adjusted with the items affecting comparability - net interest paid - income taxes paid - change in provisions

*Adjusted to 12 months